Dilettante Chocolates

White Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans - Bulk 5 lb

  • Gourmet chocolate coffee snack
  • Whole espresso bean centers
  • Excellent for parties
  • Bulk size, resealable bag
  • Total net weight: 5 lb

This five-pound bulk bag presents the creamiest and smoothest flavor of espresso beans. Made with a low amount of cacao, white chocolate presents a light and luscious taste, a perfect pair with coffee beans.

Dilettante uses its own whole-roasted Hapsburg Medium Dark Roast House Blend in order to create these treats. Using specialty revolving kettles, these beans are covered in layers of Dilettante’s elegant white chocolate. The finished product is circular with a smooth white chocolate shell without any cracks or imperfections.

The taste of these espresso beans is similar to a mocha. Espresso beans' bitter and woodsy flavor makes for a delicious juxtaposition between sweet white chocolate.

Dilettante upholds the highest quality chocolate-making standards when creating its white chocolate espresso beans. Each espresso bean is free of fillers, oils, and compound chocolate to give a truly premium white chocolate taste.

Buy in bulk to receive the best value possible on Dilettante’s beloved espresso beans. Coming in a resealable bag, these espresso beans can stay fresh for months, delivering the same great high-quality chocolate taste.

Dilettante's White Chocolate Espresso Beans Nutrition Facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sandie Hardimn

These white chocolate covered coffee beans are the best brand! I've tried several brands but only eat this brand. One problem though! I can't get them all the time!
Please make some. I'm almost out!

Sandie Hardimn
Chocolate covered expresso beans

These are the best! I've tryed other brands over the years and these just can't be beat. I need more White Chocolate covered beans!!!

Vicki DeVico
Delicious and addictive!

These candies are absolutely incredible! I don't usually like white chocolate, but in this case I prefer the white to the traditional chocolate. Something about the creaminess of the white chocolate appeals to my taste and I really do love them!

White chocolate coffee beans

Best White chocolate coffee beans ever!

White choc covered coffee beans?? Absolutely the best!!

Love love love these---I've ordered several times. For a Christmas gift too. Im thinking they should offer a special deal for us repeat customers! I brag them up all the time!! I will keep buying!! Mary