Dilettante Chocolates Espresso Beans Covered in Different Chocolate Blends
Dilettante Chocolates espresso beans and chocolate covered espresso beans in white chocolate, dark, chocolate, milk chocolate, and in a special cheetah bean blend
Dilettante Chocolates Milk, Dark, White, and Marbled Espresso Beans in a cup

Espresso Beans Perfectly Paired with Chocolate

Dilettante’s roasted coffee is made to perfectly pair with each of its chocolate blends. These medium-dark roasted espresso beans come in vacuum-sealed containers to maintain their fresh coffee flavor. The bitter notes of these beans have delicious compatibility with chocolate, perfect for creating mocha drinks or to enjoy with Dilettante's hand crafted chocolate truffles.

Dilettante Chocolates Hapsburg House Blend of Roasted Espresso Beans
Dilettante Chocolates Hapsburg House Blend Espresso Beans, used in each of Dilettante's mocha café locations

Featured in the Mocha Café

Dilettante uses the Hapsburg Bean Blend in each of its Mocha Café locations. Dilettante delivers these same espresso beans to customers all over the United States to share its irresistible coffee flavor. Enjoy Dilettante’s whole-bean and ground coffee to help wake up and feel energized each morning.

Dilettante Chocolates Mocha Cafe iceed and hot coffee drink on a warm summer day

Espresso Beans Coated in Chocolate

Dilettante’s chocolate-coated espresso beans combine Dilettante’s chocolate and coffee expertise. These treats are made in specialty revolving kettles, which tumble espresso beans in milk, dark, and white chocolate.

Dilettante Chocolates Espresso beans coated in milk, white, and dark chocolate in the shape of a coffee cup