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Thank You for Supporting Dilettante Chocolates

From everyone at Dilettante Chocolates, we would like to thank our supporters who have enjoyed our chocolates over the years. What began as a simple chocolate and coffee company has become much more. Each person who visits a Mocha Café or orders chocolates for the holidays helps allow the Dilettante team to continue pursuing our passion for quality chocolate.

Recently, Promise Holdings LLC acquired Dilettante’s parent company, Seattle Gourmet Foods. During this transition, Dilettante customers may see changes made to Dilettante’s current products and to the website itself.

We understand many people look forward to enjoying our chocolate during fall and winter, and we will work as a team to create new and memorable chocolate gifts. Although some offerings may be absent after this summer shipping period, Dilettante will remain committed to creating and refining its quality chocolates.

Over Dilettante’s long 46-year history, the company has gone through many changes but remains committed to providing memorable chocolate experiences. Dilettante will continue to create fulfilling, all-natural chocolate and confections. So, whether you have enjoyed Dilettante Chocolates since its grand opening or just our chocolates in 2022, Dilettante hopes to continue creating memorable experiences.

As Dilettante begins to move out of its summer shipping period, we ask our customers to enjoy and celebrate the upcoming months with us. We hope our supporters will enjoy our rich selection of gourmet chocolate products and look forward to new confections yet to come.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who has enjoyed our chocolates over the years. Although Dilettante will be making changes, we appreciate the patience and understanding we receive from our customers.

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