What Are Dilettante's TruffleCremes?

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What Are TruffleCremes?

As the name implies, Dilettante’s chocolate TruffleCremes share the same decadent flavor as a traditional truffle made in a smoother, lighter form. These iconic treats come wrapped in vibrant foils and are a beloved Pacific Northwest treat.

Created in 2006, Dilettante’s TruffleCremes feature soft chocolate ganache centers encased in an outer chocolate shell. Both the ganache and coating are made using a blend of West African and South American cacao. In addition, this chocolate uses a meltaway formula, letting the chocolate begin to melt as soon as it is eaten.

Unlike other gourmet snacks, Dilettante creates its TruffleCremes without hydrogenated fats, compound chocolates, oils, or artificial sweeteners. Instead, each TruffleCreme is made using all-natural ingredients for the purest chocolate taste possible.

Each miniature truffle is individually wrapped, ensuring each one tastes fresh after being unwrapped. Those already acquainted with hand-dipped truffles will enjoy similar tastes and flavors with miniature TruffleCremes.

TruffleCreme Flavors

Dark Chocolate Ephemere TruffleCreme


Dilettante's signature flavor, Ephemere, is made from an heirloom family recipe. This dark chocolate flavor features caramelized cream and butter notes for a profoundly indulgent treat.

Toasted Coconut

Real coconut pieces give these TruffleCremes a subtle crunch in every bite. Paired with a dark chocolate ganache center and outer shell, this flavor delivers an unforgettable coconut-chocolate taste.


Dilettante's classic Peppermint flavor is remarkably popular due to its smooth, minty flavor. These TruffleCremes feature a milk chocolate ganache center infused with natural peppermint inside a milk chocolate shell.

Toffee Crunch TruffleCreme

Toffee Crunch

Toffee Crunch TruffleCremes offer butter toffee fans something to love. These TruffleCremes are made with a ganache with more texture than usual, smooth TruffleCremes, adding a small crunch to each bite.

Blood Orange TruffleCreme

Blood Orange

The bright citrus flavor of blood orange effortlessly combines with the intensity of dark and milk chocolate. Those who enjoy a fruity chocolate flavor love Blood Orange TruffleCremes.

Candy Cane TruffleCreme

Candy Cane

A popular option during the wintertime, Dilettante's Candy Cane TruffleCreme features authentic candy cane pieces inside a milk chocolate ganache. Enjoy a subtle crunch and a minty aftertaste in each red and white foil.

No matter the flavor a person chooses to enjoy, they can expect a pure chocolate taste in every foil. Packaged in gift boxes of various sizes, these miniature truffles make for a perfect gift during any holiday or special occasion.

Shop Dilettante’s TruffleCreme collection to enjoy TruffleCremes in decadent assortments. With different varieties, everyone has the chance to find a favorite flavor.

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