New Product Spotlight: Assorted TruffleCreme® Gift Box

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Introducing a our newest TruffleCreme® item - an assorted gift box featuring five of our most popular TruffleCreme® flavors.

Each 10-ounce gift box contains a colorful assortment of our well-loved bite-sized chocolate truffles made from all natural ingredients. Open the box and choose whichever flavor suits your fancy:

  • Toffee Crunch - Creamy milk chocolate with crunchy bits of butter toffee
  • Peppermint - Velvety milk chocolate with pure oil of peppermint
  • Raspberry - Smooth milk chocolate with raspberry essence
  • Light Ephemere® - Creamy milk chocolate, smooth and simple
  • Dark Ephemere® - Deep, dark chocolate

Dilettante TruffleCremes® are made using a traditional meltaway recipe. They feature smooth, creamy chocolate ganache centers enrobed in a firmer outer shell of premium chocolate.

Not sure which flavor you would most enjoy? This TruffleCreme® assortment provides a great way to sample a variety of our popular chocolate truffle bites. Order an Assorted Gift Box and give each flavor a try! The new assorted TruffleCreme® box also makes a lovely gift for any chocolate lover, especially one who has yet to experience Dilettante Chocolates.

The new Assorted TruffleCreme®Gift Box is available now online and in select Seattle-area stores, including all Dilettante Mocha Cafés!

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A native of sunny Southern California, Vicky has since put down roots in the more climate-diverse city of Seattle Washington. She is a chocolate lover with a special devotion to the darker varieties. The more cacao, the better!