Chocolate Easter Bunnies Galore!

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Hop to It! Choose your favorite Chocolate Rabbit today!

When it comes to Chocolate Easter Bunnies, we like to think we know a thing or two. We've been hand-crafting these tasty rabbit confections for years, and as they say practice makes perfect.

Each of our Chocolate Easter Bunnies is handmade using premium chocolate. Our confectioners hand paint white chocolate details into each mold, then carefully fill out the rest of the bunny with milk and dark chocolate. Once the chocolate has set, each sweet bunny treat is packaged in a beautiful display box or wrapped in cellophane and topped with a colorful bow. But enough talk about that, let's meet the Dilettante Chocolate Bunnies!

Say hello to Scouter. He's a kind-looking fellow just waiting to make your acquaintance. This adorable chocolate rabbit comes dressed to the nines in trousers, shirt sleeves, collar and tie. He's all dressed up for Easter Sunday and ready to hop into the nearest Easter basket.
Next in the lineup is Dude. This guy comes with all the attitude a seven-inch chocolate rabbit can hold. Arms crossed, ear flopped, white chocolate eyebrows raised, he's just screaming "Come on, just you try and eat me!" But don't worry, he's never been known to bite back.
The star of our Chocolate Rabbit Show has to be Topper. Standing at 13 inches tall, he is complete with a friendly bunny grin, large pointed ears, and when you turn him around you'll find a white fluffy tail. Did we mention he's also clutching his most prized possession? A giant, white chocolate carrot!

(Also keep an eye out Dude's smaller counterpart, Lopsy. This look-a-like may be slight of stature, but he still packs a great combo of sass and deliciousness.)

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A native of sunny Southern California, Vicky has since put down roots in the more climate-diverse city of Seattle Washington. She is a chocolate lover with a special devotion to the darker varieties. The more cacao, the better!