Dilettante Chocolates: A Family Tradition

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Dana Taylor Davenport began the Dilettante Chocolate Company in 1976. The first Dilettante location resided in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

Patrons enjoyed the European-style chocolates made from family heirloom recipes, many dating back to Dana's great uncle, Julius Franzen who began his work as a confectioner in Europe in the late 17th century.

It was in 1898 that Julius Franzen left his home in Hungary to pursue a career of confections. Beginning with an apprenticeship, he soon learned the skills of the craft and ultimately made his way from Journeyman to Master Confectioner. His studies led him around Europe with work in Vienna, Paris and Russia. Julius considered his service to the Imperial Court of Emperor Franz Josef I, Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary his greatest accomplishment.

Dana's family history is full of such relatives intent on handing down the family tradition of confection making. Fathers, grandfathers and uncles alike taught each new generation the confectionery skills and recipes originally begun by Julius. As the chocolate-making traditions trickled down the family line, so did the enthusiasm and genuine love for the trade.

It was this enthusiasm, along with the old, tattered notebooks of Grandpa Earl Remington Davenport, that inspired Dana to found Dilettante Chocolates. He desired to bring the gourmet chocolate experience to the masses. The decadent chocolate truffle with its smooth, velvety chocolate ganache, and firm outer chocolate shell that adds the perfect balance of textures. The expertly panned chocolate covered fruit dragée - luscious dried fruit coated in premium blends of creamy chocolate. The simple goodness of an exceptional chocolate sauce made from pure, natural ingredients.

Dana's dedication to the sharing the finest quality confections is what remains the driving force behind all that we do at Dilettante. His vision has led us from the humble beginnings of a neighborhood chocolate shoppe to being established as one of our country's premiere chocolate brands.

So, the next time you open a package of your favorite Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans and indulge the senses, remember that your decadent snack comes from a rich history of family tradition with a commitment to excellence.

To learn more about our history, please visit theDilettante History page on our website.

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