Seattle Metropolitan Magazine Recommends the Dilettante Ephemere Mocha

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It looks like our handcrafted mochas are getting some attention out at the local airport. This month's issue of Seattle Met includes a great feature spread on Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Among the topics is an article entitled, "The 10 Best Things to Eat at Sea-Tac." Dilettante's Ephemere® Mocha was ranked up there with other iconic Seattle favorites - Beecher's Cheese and Ivar's Seafood.

Senior Food & Drink Editor, Allecia Vermillion, recommends enjoying an Ephemere® Mocha while en route at Sea-Tac. "You're on the road. Might as well drink a mocha that tastes like caffeinated brownie batter," she writes.

Enjoy an Ephemere® Mocha paired with your choice of chocolate truffle from our truffle case. Each Dilettante Mocha is made real melted chocolate in the cacao percentage of your choice.

Make that, caffeinated brownie batter with real chocolate as the key ingredient. Our not-so-hidden secret to our mochas being as rich as brownie batter is that we melt our high quality chocolate right behind the counters. This not only allows for a truly customized chocolate beverage, it also makes each Dilettante mocha extra decadent and flavorful.

We are elated to have been featured as one of the prime locations to grab a delicious treat during your jaunt through the airport. We know all too well how arduous travelling can be and stand behind Seattle Met's assessment that good food is an essential perk of our modern airport culture.

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A native of sunny Southern California, Vicky has since put down roots in the more climate-diverse city of Seattle Washington. She is a chocolate lover with a special devotion to the darker varieties. The more cacao, the better!