USA Today Thinks We're Delish

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Enjoy a slice of decadent cake while you sip premium roasted coffee at our Mocha Cafés.

How exciting! USA Today has featured our Dilettante Mocha Cafés among their favorite U.S. spots to indulge in all things chocolate. Click the link below to check out the article!

USA Today: Nine Amazing American Chocolate Cafes, Bars and Lounges

We currently have seven Seattle-Area Mocha Cafés serving up rich chocolate mochas made with real melted chocolate and our very own expertly roasted coffee beans. Not a coffee lover? Then try a hot chocolate also made with real melted chocolate. Whether it's a decadent mocha, or tasty hot chocolate, you can customize your beverage with the chocolate of your choice. From deep, dark chocolate at 72% cacao, to creamy white chocolate at 31% cacao, the choice is yours.

Other delicious chocolate offerings include chocolate truffles, cakes, and chocolate mousse, all available at every Mocha Café location. Our Broadway location in Capitol Hill also boasts a wide variety of chocolate martinis.

Whether you are a Seattleite, nearby Washington neighbor, or happen to be visiting the Emerald City, we hope to see you soon!

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A native of sunny Southern California, Vicky has since put down roots in the more climate-diverse city of Seattle Washington. She is a chocolate lover with a special devotion to the darker varieties. The more cacao, the better!