Celebrate Valentine's Day With Dilettante in 2022

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Treat a Loved One This Valentine's Day

The festive month of February is an opportunity to appreciate and treat loved ones. So whether a person plans to celebrate with someone special on February 14th or pay respects to friends and family, Valentine's Day is a time to show appreciation.

To help better show this appreciation, Dilettante Chocolates has remained committed to its craft. Dilettante chocolatiers have been hard at work in preparation for Valentine's Day, crafting chocolate truffles by hand and creating new gifts to delight friends and family.

Valentine's Day TruffleCremes

Dilettante Chocolates Valentine's Day Ephemere TruffleCremes

This year, Dilettante designed a brand new 4-Ounce TruffleCreme gift box featuring the signature Ephemere flavor. This small box of chocolates is decorated with heart drawings, with a small window revealing the Ephemere TruffleCremes wrapped in bright red foils.

Ephemere sets itself apart as Dilettante's signature flavor due to its unique flavor profile. The chocolate brings caramelized butter, sugar, and cream together to create a rich and velvety flavor profile. Each chocolate is individually wrapped, these chocolates are easy to share or save to enjoy over time.

Hand-Dipped Assortments

Hand Dipped Champagne Truffles from Dilettante

Those looking for traditional Valentine's Day chocolates will be satisfied with Dilettante's hand-dipped chocolates. These chocolate truffles present the highest quality chocolate from the company and pair Dilettante's quality chocolate blends with flavorful liqueurs.

Dilettante's Champagne Truffles are a great way to celebrate with someone special. Made with milk chocolate and topped with an elegant rose design, Champagne Truffles are as delicious as they look. These truffles are packaged in pink 4-piece boxes, ideally suited as a Valentine's Day gift.

Foil Wrapped Chocolate

Heart Chocolate Foils by Dilettante Chocolates

Packaged in a pink and white Parisian-themed gift box, Dilettante's Hearts Mix comes filled with classic heart-shaped chocolates. Each chocolate foil is made with Dilettante's premium dark and milk chocolate blends and is individually wrapped to maintain a fresh flavor.

In each heart-shaped foil, enjoy chocolate made with the highest quality standards. Unlike other Valentine's Day chocolates, these chocolates are made without any hydrogenated fats, oils, or fillers. Instead, Dilettante's Hearts Mix provides a clean, all-natural flavor.

Treat a Loved One This Valentine's Day

Chocolate is a classic and timeless gift. The affordable luxury is appreciated by almost everyone and can make for a thoughtful gift. Dilettante crafts each of its confections with care and attention, making these chocolate gifts as perfect as possible.

Explore all of these confections and more in the Valentine's Day gift collection. Order at the beginning of February to make sure there is enough time for each of these decadent gifts to arrive in time for February 14th.

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