How Dilettante Makes Chocolate Espresso Beans

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How Chocolate Espresso Beans are Made

Leveraging its expertise in both chocolate and roasted coffee, Dilettante’s Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans provides an unforgettable flavor. These candies feature real espresso beans encased in couverture chocolate blends. Those who have never tasted this Pacific Northwest favorite are in for a gourmet treat.

Dilettante begins creating its chocolate-covered espresso beans by roasting its medium-dark roast blend. Medium dark roast coffee provides a balanced flavor and acidity, perfect to pair with the sweet taste of chocolate. Dilettante ensures these beans are never oily to create a smooth and consistent flavor profile.

Once the coffee beans are cool, specialty revolving kettles gently tumble the beans in chocolate. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and marbled chocolate are each used in these kettles to create Dilettante’s different espresso bean varieties.

Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans
Milk, White, & Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

Marbled chocolate-covered espresso beans are sometimes called “cheetah” beans due to their spotted appearance. Creating by swirling different chocolate blends together, these espresso beans are perfect for those eager to try a complex coffee-chocolate flavor.

Dilettante makes each of these chocolate blends with all-natural ingredients and without using any genetically modified organisms. While other chocolate-covered coffee beans rely on artificial sweeteners and compound chocolate, Dilettante embraces a pure and natural chocolate taste.

Benefits of Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Alongside their great taste, eating chocolate-covered espresso beans is a great way to maintain energy throughout the day. When espresso beans are eaten whole, they can provide more caffeine than if they are brewed into a cup of coffee. Eating only a small handful of espresso beans is equivalent to drinking an entire cup of coffee.

Both coffee and chocolate are excellent sources of antioxidants, nutrients that help support the body’s immune system. During the wintertime, chocolate-covered espresso beans are especially helpful to keep around.

Espresso beans are also light in terms of calories. Each bean has approximately 14 calories, much less than other gourmet chocolate snacks. For many, chocolate-covered espresso beans are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth while remaining health-conscious.

Dilettante's Milk, Dark, and White Chocolate Espresso Beans
Espresso Beans in White, Milk, & Dark Chocolate

Enjoy Chocolate Espresso Beans

Feel delighted from the delicious flavor of brewed coffee combined with couverture quality chocolate. Dilettante ensures its chocolate-covered espresso beans are made with a high standard from beginning to end.

Those who have never tried chocolate-covered coffee beans before can do so with Dilettante’s Espresso Bean Blend. Packaged inside a 3-pound bulk jar, this decadent assortment features each of Dilettante’s four chocolate espresso bean flavors. Keep around any home or office, and enjoy delicious chocolate-coffee flavor throughout the day.

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