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New Caramel Chocolate and Truffle Gift Boxes

In Dilettante’s plan for 2021, we promised to deliver more delicious chocolate creations. During the winter, Dilettante saw the introduction of Toasted Coconut TruffleCremes and Chocolate Rainier Cherries. Then in only the first few weeks of the new year, chocolate-covered Turbinado Almonds made their return alongside a new ruby cacao flavor of chocolate cherries and blueberries. Now, with less than a month before Valentine’s day, Dilettante released eight brand new chocolate truffle assortments.

Since the beginning, Dilettante’s Chocolate truffles have been a staple of the company. Dating back to 1976, Dilettante’s founder Dana Davenport began the company with a small chocolate and coffee shop in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Flavors like Rheingold Butter Toffee, Ephemere, and White Chocolate Praline began to emerge and were soon synonymous with Dilettante.

With these eight new gift boxes, Dilettante presents old favorites with new flavors. Coming in 4-, 9-, and 16-piece sizes, these chocolate truffles are crafted by hand to offer the highest-quality taste possible.

4-Piece Assorted Truffles

This 4-piece assortment is presented in a black gift box and features a small variety of milk and dark chocolates. Removing the black sleeve will reveal a silver box containing a praline, raspberry, and two varieties of Ephemere Truffles.

This gift box is ideal for a small token of appreciation or to let someone try a small-sized assortment to discover which flavors they enjoy. These truffles are made with white, milk, and dark chocolate blends and are the perfect way to experience Dilettante's chocolate blends.

4-Piece Salted Caramel Collection

Previously, Dilettante served its caramels in milk and dark chocolate varieties and delivered a classic chewy and savory flavor. With this four-piece assortment, Dilettante seeks to branch out into more unique flavor combinations. In this gift box, prepare for caramel bliss from Himalayan Pink Salt, Smoke, Espresso, and Sriracha Caramels.

These caramels are hand-dipped in premium chocolate, but the main feature is the caramel. The sweet and buttery interior of these squares is paired with a complementary flavor. The smoke, espresso, sriracha, and Himalayan salt flavors do not overpower the natural caramel taste. Instead, the caramel is enhanced by subtle and intricate flavor notes.

4-Piece Champagne Truffles

Each of these delicious ganache centers is filled with a creamy blend of semisweet chocolate, strawberry essence, and real Marc de Champagne. Each of these truffles is then finished with a milk chocolate exterior.

This bright pink box is the perfect gift to give during any celebration. The champagne flavor comes from a high-quality spirit paired with decadent milk chocolate.

9-Piece Ephemere Truffles

Dilettante’s signature flavor Ephemere flavor comes in milk and dark chocolate varieties. These truffles are made using an heirloom family recipe, uniting caramelized butter, sugar, and cream to create a smooth chocolate truffle. The word “Ephemere” is derived from the word ephemeral, meaning a short-lived other-worldly experience.

9-Piece Caramel & Toffee Collection

Building off of the foundation of the 4-Piece Salted Caramel Collection, this assortment also features Dilettante’s coveted Rheingold Toffee. First introduced by commission from the Pacific Northwest Wagner Festival in 1981, this toffee stood the test of time.

Rheingold is referred to as a Butter Toffee due to the high amount of butter included. This gives the toffee a melty quality with a rich and tender flavor. This toffee is then covered in premium blends of dark and milk chocolate to complete the flavorful English-style treat.

This assortment also features all four flavors of salted caramels, with an additional Himalayan Pink Salt caramel to round out the 9-piece assortment. Dilettante’s Caramel and Toffee Collection is made to delight any caramel or toffee lover with a variety of caramels and toffee in milk and dark chocolate.

9-Piece Chocolate Truffles

For the full array of Dilettante’s chocolate truffles, this nine-piece gift box features nine unique truffle flavors. Along with the same flavors included in the four-piece assortment, this black box also includes Champagne, Amaretto, L’Orange, Espresso, and Ginger Truffles.

This box is a perfect gift to any chocolate-lover and is a great way to treat a loved one during any holiday or special occasion.

16-Piece Premier Chocolate Collection

The largest-sized chocolate assortment, this Premier Chocolate Collection features more than Dilettante’s chocolate truffles. This 16-piece box also includes Rheingold toffee in milk and dark chocolate, as well as each caramel flavor included in the four-piece caramel assortment.

For the person seeking to delight a loved one, this 16-piece assortment features everything Dilettante has to offer. The large size also makes it perfect for sharing and finding a favorite flavor amongst many uniquely decadent chocolate creations.

16-Piece Dark Chocolate Collection

Made with a higher percentage of cacao, dark chocolate offers a rich and sophisticated flavor. This assortment exclusively features Dilettante’s dark chocolate truffles, caramels, and toffee to appeal to any dark chocolate lover.

This yellow gift box features Dark Ephemere, Raspberry, Ginger, L’orange, and Espresso Truffles, with Smoke and Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels, and Rheingold Toffee in dark chocolate.

Find a Favorite

With Dilettante’s newest collection of assortments, we hope to create lasting memories with the people we care about most. This Valentine’s Day, treat others with one of Dilettante’s handcrafted chocolate assortments and share the passion and craftsmanship of gourmet-quality chocolate.

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