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Rainier Cherries: The Newest Chocolate-Covered Fruit Flavor

  • 1 min read

Colorful Rainier Taste

Chocolate Covered Rainier Cherries are Dilettante’s newest chocolate-covered creation. For those unaware, Dilettante provides a wide array of chocolate-covered fruit. While Royal and Bing cherries have been a long-standing favorite in Dilettante’s Fruit Medley Wheel, these new Rainier cherries offer something special.

Rainier cherries are larger and brighter than regular cherries, and as one might expect, they are sweeter as well. These cherries are picked in the Pacific Northwest and paired with natural ingredients for a fresh taste in each resealable bag.

While these cherries have a short growing season, these cherries are dried to let them last all year long. Dilettante then surrounds these dried Rainier cherries with dark and milk chocolate blends, creating a rich interior. The outside is then finished with a luscious white chocolate shell. Made using specialty revolving kettles, each Rainier cherry has a smooth finish without any cracks or blemishes.

Out of all of Dilettante’s chocolate-covered fruit, these Rainier cherries provide the best value. One 22-ounce bag of cherries is only twelve dollars, meaning each ounce of chocolate-covered Rainier cherries only costs 54 cents. Even compared to large bulk bags of other chocolate-covered fruit offerings, the price per ounce of these cherries cannot be beaten.

People who already enjoy chocolate cherries may find a new favorite this holiday season. The 22-Ounce bag of cherries is perfect for sharing with friends and family or keeping in a candy dish for around the house or office. No matter how or where they are enjoyed, expect a light and luscious flavor from each of these chocolate-covered gems.

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