Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $10

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Enjoy Dilettante Chocolates This Holiday Season

During the chilly month of December, the days are often filled with plans to spend with family and loved ones. The holiday season is fun and exciting but can just as easily feel busy and overwhelming, especially when it comes to giving gifts.

While stocking stuffers are known as small token gifts, they can leave a big impression. The time-old adage, “It’s the thought that counts,” is still accurate today. Showing appreciation to friends and family is an essential part of any gift, and a stocking stuffer or two is all it takes.

For the 2021 holiday season, Dilettante Chocolates has made many different confections for sharing. Chocolate is a classic gift and is loved by almost everyone. To help make this year even more special, these chocolate gifts are all under $10 and are sure to delight loved ones during the holidays.

1. Ephemere TruffleCreme Novelty Gift Box

Ephemere TruffleCremes in Red Wrappers

 This holiday-themed gift box features Dilettante’s signature dark chocolate flavor, Ephemere. Using an heirloom family recipe, Ephemere chocolate is made by combining caramelized butter, sugar, and cream. This leads to a distinct and velvety smooth chocolate taste, able to delight even the most discerning chocolate connoisseur.

Using the Ephemere formula and all-natural ingredients, Dilettante’s TruffleCremes are a great way to share this delicious flavor. Like Dilettante’s hand-dipped truffles, TruffleCremes are made with a soft dark chocolate ganache center and coated with an additional dark chocolate shell.

These treats are then wrapped in bright red foils to maintain their freshness. Unwrap each one, and enjoy a profoundly indulgent dark chocolate flavor.

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2. Peppermint Pretzels

White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels

Packaged in a green holiday gift box, these pretzels are the newest confection from Dilettante. Pretzels, peppermint oil, and white chocolate all come together to create a delicious chocolate-covered treat.

This is Dilettante’s newest confection and will arrive just in time for the holidays. This delicious juxtaposition between savory and sweet is the perfect gift for someone craving a unique and refreshing chocolate treat.

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3. Four-Piece Truffle Gift Box

Four piece chocolate truffles in milk, dark, and white chocolate

Chocolate is an art form, and this is especially true for Dilettante’s hand-dipped chocolate truffles. These truffles are made with care and attention, using traditional dipping methods and natural flavors. Each truffle is made in-house by Dilettante’s talented chocolatiers.

Dilettante’s four-piece chocolate truffles present white, milk, and dark chocolate flavors inside a small black gift box. From white chocolate praline to dark chocolate raspberry, these artisan chocolate truffles make for a perfect gift.

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4. Classic Fruit Medley

Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley

Dilettante’s Classic Fruit Medley is a longstanding favorite and a perfect way to enjoy an assortment of chocolate fruit. Dilettante’s milk chocolate couverture covers dried blueberries, strawberries, apricots, and cherries. These chocolate-covered fruit pieces are vibrantly colored to create a colorful gift box.

This six-ounce gift box is perfect for anyone who enjoys quality chocolate or dried fruit. The slim tent box is easy to slip into a stocking or to give on its own to treat someone to this cheery fruit assortment.

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5. Seattle Skyline Chocolate Postcard

Seattle Skyline Chocolate Postcard

Recognized throughout the world, this Seattle Skyline Chocolate Postcard makes for a lovely gift. This hand-painted mold shows Seattle’s iconic skyline, with a snow-capped Mount Rainier made out of white chocolate in the distance.

The postcard is a wonderful choice to send to friends and family who live far away. The milk, white, and dark chocolate blends used in this postcard are all made with all-natural ingredients without using any hydrogenated oils or trans fats for a pure chocolate taste.

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6. Foil Wrapped Holiday Chocolates

Dilettante Chocolates Milk Chocolate Holiday Foils

Perfect for kids and teens, Dilettante’s Holiday Foiled Milk Chocolate Santas & Bells makes for a delicious treat during the holidays. These foils use Dilettante’s milk chocolate blend to create festive Santa and Bell chocolates. The foil wrapping on these chocolates also helps to keep them fresh all season long.

These foils are packaged in a red snowflake gift bag and topped with a bow. These chocolates are ready to be given as a gift as soon as they arrive at the door.

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7. Six-Piece Salted Caramels

Dilettante Chocolates Classic 6-Piece Salted Caramel Gift Box

Returning for the holiday season, Dilettante’s six-piece salted caramels are a classic Dilettante treat. These salted caramels come in milk and dark chocolate and are topped with cypress sea salt for a balanced flavor profile.

The white gift box is an excellent option to include with other, more significant gifts or a small treat to show friends they are cared for. The small frame of this box also makes it a perfect choice to slip into a stocking.

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Order in Time for the Holidays

To give these stocking stuffers in time for the holidays, be sure to place orders before 11 a.m. on December 15th. Placing an order before this time will ensure that packages will arrive before Christmas Day.

Order Before December 15:

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