Join Us In Supporting The Work of Seattle Children's Hospital

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Throughout the month of February Dilettante Chocolates is working with Bartell Drugs and Seattle Gourmet Foods to raise money for Seattle Children's Hospital.

You can help kids in need of vital healthcare. Here's how:

"During February, for each package of Dilettante Chocolates® products — TruffleCremes®, Chocolate-covered fruit, caramels, and toppings and sauces purchased at a Bartell location— a financial contribution will be made to the hospital with a total expected up to $25,000." 

If you visit any of Bartell Drugs 65 stores during the month of February, you'll see large displays like the one pictured below stocked with Dilettante Chocolates.


This year our goal is $25,000 and we are counting on your support. Every purchase, regardless of the amount, makes a difference. Together we can help Seattle Children's Hospital take care of the children in our community.

How can you be a part of our efforts?

Patronize a Bartell Drugs store during the month of February and purchase a Dilettante Chocolates product. In the words of our partner, Bartell Drugs, "Chocolate for charity? Yes, please!"

Thank you in advance for your support!

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