4 Things All Easter Egg Hunts Need

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We know Easter just isn’t Easter until you’ve participated, or watched your children compete, in an Easter egg hunt.

Will you need to incorporate some smartphone technology in order to keep the older kids engaged? Probably. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to join in the fun.

Easter Egg Hunts

#1 Pick a location

Are you hiding those delicious gems of chocolate joy inside your house? or out in the yard? What about creating an Easter bunny trail that children have to follow? If you’re tech savvy, stretch your coding fingers and create an augmented reality game where your guests can collect virtual Easter eggs. Or simply download one for free.


#2 Eggs to hide (preferably chocolate ones, yum!)

Dilettante Chocolate milk chocolate Easter eggs fit inside plastic eggs or place them on the ground to show off their bright and festive pink, blue and green foil. Made with premium milk chocolate our Easter eggs are the perfect bite-sized treat to share with your family and friends.

#3 Prizes

Our chocolate Easter bunnies Scouter and Gizmo would be great prizes for the kids who collects the most eggs. When it comes to chocolate there are no age limits, everyone loves chocolate!

#4 Volunteers

Managing an Easter egg hunt is not a one wo/man job. Grab a few of your more responsible friends and make sure no one strays too far off course and that the egg hunting grounds are clear of any dangers (like dog droppings, garbage, etc.).

We hope every-bunny will have a hoppin’ good time this Easter!

Let us know how the your Easter egg hunt turns out in the comments below.

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