3 Snacks Every College Dorm Room Must Have

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Snacks are a necessity at college. It’s inevitable that at some point during the academic year you’ll miss the dining hall hours or find that you’re mini fridge has suddenly gone empty.

Here are three snacks that are must haves for the ‘I’m skipping the dining hall to sleep in’ to the ‘all-I-have-time-for-is-this’ moments and everything in between.

Nuts: Chocolate Covered Almonds and Cashews

Crunchy, satisfying and packed with protein. Our dark chocolate almonds and milk chocolate covered cashews will help keep your energy level up as you race across campus to get to your next class on time. BONUS: No cooking required.

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Sometimes the right amount of chocolate and caffeine is all you need to refresh and revive you during a 2am study break. And for those unexpected moments when you are craving chocolate, our chocolate covered espresso beans are the perfect treat. Buy in bulk and save!

Premium Roast Coffee Blends

Forget wasting money on expensive single cups at the campus cafe or the long line at the cart outside your chemistry class. Take your favorite fresh roasted coffee beans with you to college and wake up to the rich, warm aroma of our Hapsburg Viennese Medium Dark Roast or Romanov French Dark Roast.

Don’t forget to pack Dilettante Chocolates in your backpack, desk drawers and the secret shoebox stashed with goodies in your closet (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about it!).

And for the parents and grandparents of college students out there reading this: Dorm life is better when you have your favorite drinks and snacks close by. Send a care package to someone you care about today!

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Hilary is the Ecommerce Marketing Manager at Dilettante Chocolates. She started building besides while working in the broadcast television industry. In her spare time, she seeks outdoor adventures that involve mostly hiking and running. Her trail mix features a lot of chocolate, but you probably already knew that.