What Sets Dilettante Apart

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Established in 1976, Dilettante Chocolates has become synonymous with gourmet chocolate. By simply tasting the chocolate, a person can notice the remarkable flavor and quality, but the specific reasons to why Dilettante is so special in the eyes of many, are less known.

Family History

Dilettante began its journey over one-hundred-and-twenty years ago with a man named Julis Rudolf Franzen. Franzen traveled the world after serving as the emperor of Austria as a Master Pastry Chef. Four years later, he made his voyage to America and settled down in Portland, Oregon where he established the Chocolate Truffle Company.

He passed down his skills and techniques down his family line. The Chocolate Truffle Company passed through the family from Julis Franzen to Earl Davenport, Jerome Davenport, then finally to Dana Davenport. Now named Dilettante Chocolates, Julis Franzen’s great-nephew, Dana Davenport dedicates his life to producing the highest quality chocolate for others to enjoy.

Signature Flavor

An heirloom from Dilettante’s history, Dana developed the signature Ephemere® flavor after reading notebooks of his Grandfather Earl and Great Uncle Julius. Often alongside classic flavors like Milk Mocha, Praline, and French Cream, variations of Ephemere® are in almost all of Dilettante’s assortments.

Derived from the word ‘ephemeral’ meaning a fleeting experience, this signature flavor gives a lusciously rich dark chocolate taste. Living up to its namesake, it is suggested to eat Ephemere® chocolate slowly, to savor every decadent bite.

The creation of the Emphere® flavor is uniquely Dilettante’s. Years of meticulous work have gone into perfecting the early caramelization of the butter, sugar, and cream. The high amount of West African and South American cacao gives the chocolate its dark flavor and its mood-lifting properties.

Dilettante Cares

Dilettante Chocolate stands for quality chocolates made for people to enjoy. Every piece of chocolate made is completely free of fillers, preservatives, and additives. Dilettante chooses to develop new techniques and use quality ingredients from the Pacific Northwest to give the best experience possible.

Beginning from Julis Rudolf Franzen, Dilettante Chocolates respects and cares for its community by refusing to take shortcuts. From the support of chocolate lovers all over the world, Dilettante can continue to stand apart as something truly special.

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