The Best of Dilettante

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The Best of Dilettante

Beginning from humble roots as a neighborhood coffee and chocolate shop, Dilettante Chocolates has now expanded into a full gourmet chocolate enterprise. The creation of new flavors and products are frequent. So frequent, a person who may have once been familiar with Dilettante’s line-up of Chocolate may find themselves lost and overwhelmed by the sheer variety.

Truffes, TruffleCremes, and Meltaway Truffles

Back in the year 1912, Julius Franzen established his first confectionary business called the ‘Chocolate Truffle Company.’ Over a century later, the Chocolate Truffle Company inspired the creation of Dilettante Chocolates. With so much time for innovation, there is no wonder why Dilettante can offer three varieties of chocolate truffles.

Dilettante’s traditional truffles are crafted by hand to wrap a gourmet ganache center in a complimentary chocolate shell. These truffles are filled with creamy chocolate, fine liquors, natural fruit extracts, or other delicious ingredients for every truffle to taste uniquely decadent. Each assortment of Dilettante’s hand-dipped truffles can be bought in bulk with twenty-five truffles in one package, or in smaller arrangements to give as a gift to a loved one.

A treat wrapped in vibrantly colored foils, Dilettante’s TruffleCremes are a longstanding Dilettante favorite. Using premium, all-natural ingredients, these bite-sized truffles are an evolution of the original Dilettante truffles. These TruffleCremes come in diverse flavors. Ephemere, Toffee Crunch, Peppermint, Pomegranate, Blood Orange, and Candy Cane TruffleCremes all make for mouth-watering deserts.

Working from the same velvety-smooth formula as TruffleCremes, Dilettante Meltaway Truffles are generously sized, far larger than their bite-sized counterpart. Rich without being too sweet, a single meltaway is enough to satisfy a chocolate craving. The four flavors of Meltaway Truffles are packaged in artisan gift boxes to give to family or friends during any holiday or season.

Cookies and Biscotti

Since 1976, Dilettante Chocolates has been perfecting its baking with butter biscotti and shortbread cookie recipes. Based on family heirloom formulas, Dilettante’s baked goods are made to be exceptionally tender before dipping them into the highest quality couverture chocolate.

Chocolate Cookie Gems makes the first half of Dilettante’s baked confections. These cookies are made with real butter and non-GMO ingredients to cloak shortbread cookies in a creamy blend of white, milk and dark chocolate. Packaged in five-ounce bags, Cookie Gems feature four delicious flavors, toasted almond, Valencia orange, vanilla maple, and strawberries & cream. No matter the flavor, these cookies give a satisfying crunch with a sweet and creamy chocolate taste in every bite.

Unlike the crunchy, Italian-style biscotti, Dilettante’s biscotti recipe strikes the delicate balance of a soft texture, while still maintaining its shape without breaking. Made with real butter, Dilettante’s biscotti is lightly toasted and carefully wrapped individually for each biscotti to be fresh and satisfying. Dilettante’s Almond Butter Biscotti is made with almond flavor, while the semi-sweet and white chocolate biscotti are dipped in Dilettante’s premium chocolate blends. Pair biscotti with a morning cup of coffee for a delicious breakfast delicacy.

Chocolate Covered Fruit, Espresso Beans, and Nuts

Some of the most popular offerings of Dilettante Chocolates belong to the wide variety of chocolate-covered fruit and espresso beans. Whether it is the sweet taste of Bing Cherries, whole roasted coffee beans made fresh in-house, or premium sea salt cashews, Dilettante uses quality ingredients to cover in chocolate.

Dried fruit, nuts, and beans all undergo similar processes in specialty revolving kettle drums. These machines are engineered precisely to allow the ingredients to gently tumble into layers of gourmet chocolate.

Opening a bag of Dilettante’s chocolate fruit or espresso beans reveals an impossibly smooth finished product. The careful process leads to no pitting or blemishes on the surface of the chocolate, making a delicious juxtaposition with the bean, nut, and fruit centers.

The variety of chocolate-covered offerings are wide. Espresso beans are coated in sweet milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate, silky white chocolate, or marbled “Cheetah” beans, made by swirling dark and white chocolate together. Traditional chocolate covered almonds and cashews are also sold in different sized packages for a sweet and salty treat.

The breadth of Dilettante’s chocolate-covered fruit portfolio is best seen in the Fruit Medley Wheel. Coming in a 16- and 36-ounce size, the Fruit Medley Wheel offers a pleasant variety of beautiful chocolate fruit. Blueberries, strawberries, cherries, apricots, and cranberries are dried, colored vibrantly, and placed in a wheel, perfect for any gathering. Take this Fruit Medley Wheel to a party or get-together allows guests to choose their own favorite dried fruit to indulge in.

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