Enjoy the Taste of Summer with Dilettante Chocolates

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Summer is officially here and is the quintessential season for barbecues, campfires, party celebrations, and everything else fun under the sun. To make summertime even sweeter, we've come up with a list of delicious ways to enjoy Dilettante Chocolates at your next summer event.

  1. Highlight any party with an Ice Cream Station! Everybody loves ice cream, especially during the summer, so why not make it better with a whole station dedicated to creating the perfect sundaes? Stock your sweet bar up with candies, fruits, and sprinkles, but don’t forget the sauces and toppings! Include our signature Ephemere® Semisweet Chocolate Sauce for an easy to pour, bold chocolate experience or take a generous spoonful of our salty sweet Sea Salted Caramel Dessert Topping for a savory layer of flavor.
  2. Want the taste of s’mores without the hassle of making one? Then try out our Chocolate covered S’mores Bites! Bring the taste of camping to you without the mess. Share these scrumptious morsels at your next BBQ or pack them with you on a hike in its convenient resealable pouch for a sweet treat.
  3. Make your summer brunches and picnics even brighter with our vibrant Fruit Medley® Wheel. With a wonderful assortment of dried fruits tumbled in gourmet chocolates, this crowd-pleasing assortment is sure to be a hit and have people reaching back for more at any event.

What's your favorite way to enjoy chocolate in the summer?

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Hilary is the Ecommerce Marketing Manager at Dilettante Chocolates. She started building besides while working in the broadcast television industry. In her spare time, she seeks outdoor adventures that involve mostly hiking and running. Her trail mix features a lot of chocolate, but you probably already knew that.