Our Favorite Ways to Use Melting Wafers

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Dilettante Chocolate's melting and dipping chocolate wafers are versatile and easy to use for a number of delicious food and drink recipes. Below are some of our favorite ways to use these for all your culinary needs!

1) Add our Chocolate Wafers to your favorite coffees for the perfect mocha, or with your choice of milk for a rich and decadent hot chocolate. They're the same chocolates we use in our signature mochas and hot chocolate beverages at our Mocha Cafés so you can be assured these are top notch quality! Choose from a selection of dark chocolate to white chocolate.

2) Bake delicious chocolate filled goods for a decadent treat. Our wafers are wonderful for adding an extra touch of chocolate to your favorite baked goods. Try adding our Bittersweet Chocolate Melting and Dipping Wafers to your favorite brownie and cookie mix for an extra touch of chocolate goodness or even to sweeten up homemade bread pudding.

3) Create your own homemade chocolate dipping station to entertain guests. Use a selection of fruits, crackers, marshmallows, and pretty much anything else you'd like, and pair them with our white, milk, and semisweet chocolate wafers. The possibilities are endless! A dipping station is perfect for birthdays, brunch, or any party occasion.

4) Use our white chocolate melting wafers and add your own food coloring to create unique candy colors! You can use it for dipping purposes to create your own cake pops or pipe it up for cake and cookie decoration.

What's your favorite way to to use melting wafers?

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