We All Scream for Ice Cream Shakes & Sundaes!

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With summer in full swing many of us across the U.S. are battling sweltering temperatures. One of our favorite ways to beat the summer heat is indulging in a cold ice cream treat. A rich chocolate or caramel milkshake makes cooling off a delightful experience. Or, choose a good old fashioned ice cream sundae with all the fixins.

Our gourmet dessert sauces are the perfect addition to make those ice cream dishes especially delicious. We have three gourmet flavors to choose from; Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce, Semisweet Chocolate Sauce and our ultra rich Caramel Sauce.

These decadent dessert toppings are all natural which means you don't have to worry about additives, preservatives or artificial flavorings. We only use premium ingredients when making our chocolate sauce and caramel sauce so you get the best quality available.

Ephemere® Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce: Made from a variation of our signature Ephemere® Chocolate Truffle recipe, this chocolate sauce is for serious dark chocolate lovers. An intense dark chocolate sauce with smooth notes of caramelized butter, sugar and cream. Try it out in a Dark Chocolate Milk Shake.

Ephemere® Semisweet Chocolate Sauce: Also made from a variation of our Ephemere® Chocolate Truffle recipe, this chocolate ice cream topping is a perfect balance of sweet and bitter notes. Use it in place of milk chocolate sauce for a richer chocolate sundae experience.

Caramel Sauce: A velvety variation of the French Caramel formula used in our decadent hand-dipped chocolates. Cooking our rich caramel sauce at high temperatures gives a delicate burnt sugar taste that is balanced by the smooth flavor notes of cream and butter. This caramel sauce makes an extraordinary Caramel Milkshake and is just as good drizzled over your favorite flavor of ice cream.

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A native of sunny Southern California, Vicky has since put down roots in the more climate-diverse city of Seattle Washington. She is a chocolate lover with a special devotion to the darker varieties. The more cacao, the better!