Holiday Gift Ideas: $100 and Under

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Find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list for $100 or less. Whether you are shopping for family, friends or your holiday office party you’ll make an impression with any of our seasonal favorites listed below.

Royal Velvet Tower - Deluxe Chocolate Assortment

As pictured above, this exquisite tower of five boxes textured with royal velvet is sure to brighten anyone’s special occasion. Dark chocolate salted caramel popcorn, chocolate covered Bing cherries and peppermint TruffleCremes are a few of the delicious surprises hidden in the tower.

Price: $95.00

Majestic Chocolate Truffle Basket - 60 Piece

The basket holds 60 hand dipped assorted chocolates, including chocolate truffles, caramels, chocolate cherries, nut clusters, and toffee.

Price: $88.00

Holiday Cheer Tower - Deluxe Chocolate Assortment

Each box is filled with an assortment of goodies that's great for all chocolate lovers.

Price: $55.00

Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley Wheel - 36 oz

Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley is a tasty concoction of deluxe chocolate covered dried fruit - perfect for parties.

Price: $24.50

Champagne Truffles Romanov - 6 Piece

Dilettante's Champagne Truffles make a delicious addition to any celebration. Made with real Marc de Champagne and natural strawberry essence, they pair perfectly with your favorite champagne or sparkling wine.

Price: $12.75

Give the gift that everyone wants. Deliciousness!

Oh! One last thing! If you are hosting a party this year and looking to wow your guests, our Dilettante Chocolates Classic Ephemere® Martini doesn't disappoint. The recipe can be found here.

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