Orange and Black: Halloween Candy

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If you're looking for the perfect Halloween candy that is dressed to impress, check out our Dark Ephemere® and Blood Orange TruffleCremes®. Treat your spooky guests to dark and milk chocolate infused with tangy Blood Orange flavor and wrapped in vibrant orange foil. Or let them feast on our signature Dark Ephemere® in its traditional black wrapper.

Forget stressing about purchasing a special Halloween candy dish. Our gourmet chocolates come pre-packaged in jars decorated with ghosts, pumpkins, bats and other frighteningly festive images.

Delight the trick-or-treating toddlers and adults at your doorstep this year with the unforgettable taste of Dilettante Chocolate TruffleCremes®.


Shipping Deadline Is Thursday, October 27th at 11am PST

Choose the gourmet chocolates that are filled with the Halloween spirit inside and out.

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