Celebrate The Start of 2021 With Dilettante Chocolates

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Prepare for the New Year

The holidays are fast approaching. The final day of Hanukkah ends this Friday evening, Christmas is only a week after, and Kwanzaa begins the day after that. These holidays mean a great deal to those who celebrate them, but there is another holiday everyone can celebrate together, New Year’s Eve.

Unfortunately, due to the recent impacts to our shipping partner’s employee availability along with a large volume of shipments, there have been delays in Dilettante’s shipping process. Orders have been reliably fulfilled in 5-7 business days in the past, but due to these recent circumstances, deliveries may take longer than usual.

With this in mind, now is the perfect opportunity to pick up a delicious gift or party favor to celebrate 2021. Within the next several days, orders should be on-track to arrive before New Year's Eve.

Often a color associated with New Year’s Eve, Dilettante’s Silver Gift Boxes are a sleek and decadent gift. Enjoy a small 4-piece assortment of Dilettante’s best chocolate truffle flavors, or choose to enjoy the full scope of Dilettante’s chocolate expertise with a large 32-piece box.

Each truffle in these assortments is created by enrobing a gourmet ganache center with complementary chocolate flavors. With years of experience, these chocolate truffles are a perfect way to treat friends and loved ones on the last day of the year.

TruffleCremes are bite-sized versions of Dilettante’s classic truffles. These delicious morsels are individually wrapped for freshness and come in a vibrant array of flavors such as Butter Toffee, Peppermint, and Blood Orange.

These TruffleCremes are packaged in two beautiful gift boxes, one 8-ounce box with a black and starry design, and a larger 16-ounce box with a silver bow on top. For those who prefer nutty flavors, the starry 8-ounce gift box comes with Dilettante’s newest Toasted Coconut flavor, while the 16-ounce box instead features a classic milk chocolate Light Ephemere flavor.

For a chocolate treat to appeal to a wide-variety of tastes look no further than Dilettante’s Fruit Medley Assortments. Coming in jars, wheels, and boxes, each assortment features dried fruit covered in three blends of chocolate.

Dilettante’s Fruit Medley Wheel has always been a perfect way to treat guests for any party or gathering. After dinner simply open the lid and allow everyone to find their favorite fruit flavor between chocolate blueberries, strawberries, apricots, cherries, and cranberries.

Alternatively, for a more personal gift, choose to surprise someone with Dilettante’s new Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley Gift Box. This assortment features classic chocolate fruit flavors, wrapped within a colorful polka-dot gift box.

While we eagerly await the December holidays, now is the chance to begin planning how to walk into a brand-new year. Enjoy the special occasion with a gourmet treat or gift from Dilettante Chocolates.

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