Twas The Night Before Christmas

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Twas The Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all throughout the land;

Something magical was happening, something hard to understand;

While the night was quiet, not a person in sight,

The people sleeping knew that everything would be alright;

After a long holiday season, with festivities and cheer;

Each rested peacefully, thinking St. Nick would soon be here;

Instead of sugar plums dancing in their dreams,

Those fond of chocolates imagined boxes of TruffleCremes;

There was something special there, something hard to place,

There wasn’t anything like it; nothing compared to its taste.

Many could remember last Christmas, in a box of red and white,

A delicious candy cane flavor to be enjoyed for the whole night.

So, during this time, a time for magic and cheer

Flew Santa Claus and his eight reindeer,

Moving from roof to roof, the jolly man had a smile on his face,

He simply hopped off his sleigh and jumped into the fireplace,

Under the tree, presents appeared without any forewarning,

Items for everyone to enjoy when they woke up next morning.

And each house Santa left with a subtle trace,

The cookies were all gone, only crumbs in their place;

And all throughout the night, he worked until sunrise;

Making sure each house had a decadent surprise;

For it didn’t matter if someone was young or old,

Christmas morning was special, something to behold.

Folks gathered together, with loved ones nearby,

To express their appreciation, and see eye to eye;

There are people who support us all throughout the year,

The men and women who inspire us to persevere;

So, to thank everyone who has helped along the way,

Santa left something special to celebrate this important day;

Under each tree were delicious deposits,

What else could it be? Other than Dilettante Chocolates.

A gift for someone craving them all season,

The chocolates were to be enjoyed for a special reason;

To say thank you for the people who we love,

And to the group of people we are glad to be a part of;

This Christmas, Dilettante wishes you the very best,

We all hope you enjoy a few presents and some much-needed rest;

This Christmas Eve, we hope you sleep tight,

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Ryan has a fondness for the outdoors, music, and coffee. Some of his favorites are Dilettante's Chocolate-Covered Bing Cherries and L'Orange Truffles. Through his writing and content, he hopes to grow the Dilettante community.