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Dilettante’s Chocolates

Since its opening in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood in 1976, Dilettante has been tied to its artisan chocolates. Using heirloom recipes and traditional dipping methods, these chocolate truffles are made to be savored.

Milk, dark, and white chocolate flavors all contribute to Dilettante’s chocolate truffle selection. Each of these confections are crafted by hand, using all-natural non-GMO ingredients. Using these methods, Dilettante is able to present a gourmet quality in each of its assortments. Learn more about each of the delicious flavors below.

Disclaimer: All truffles are made with dairy and contain small amounts of alcohol. Dilettante's truffles are made in a facility that also works with nuts.

Dark Ephemere

Dilettante Dark Ephemere Hand-Dipped Truffles

Dilettante’s signature Dark Ephemere Flavor has been a longstanding favorite from the company. Derived from the word ephemeral, Ephemere chocolate gives a fleeting, blissful chocolate experience. The flavor is made using a proprietary method of bringing together caramelized butter and cream for a velvety chocolate taste.

The award-winning truffle has a decadent bittersweet chocolate ganache center enrobed in 63% bittersweet couverture chocolate. The distinct dark chocolate flavor will delight even the most discerning chocolate connoisseur.

Light Ephemere

Dilettante Light Ephemere Hand-Dipped Truffles

Similar to its dark counterpart, Dilettante’s Light Ephemere Truffle is equally complex, with a lighter and smoother milk chocolate taste. The top of this truffle is embellished with additional milk chocolate stripes.

Milk chocolate is the most popular chocolate flavor in America, and a good middle ground between white and dark chocolate. Using Dilettante’s heirloom recipe, the Light Ephemere Truffle gives a unique spin to a milk chocolate truffle.


Dilettante White Chocolate Praline Hand-Dipped Truffles

Those who enjoy white chocolate are sure to fall in love with Dilettante’s White Chocolate Praline Truffles. These chocolates feature a white chocolate ganache center flavored with savory pecans. Milk chocolate stripes cover the top of this truffle, finishing its distinct look.

This chocolate truffle balances the sweet and light flavor of white chocolate with a buttery and nutty flavor of pecans for an indulgent treat. With its bright flavor, Praline Truffles can satisfy any sweet tooth.


Dilettante Dark Chocolate Raspberry Hand-Dipped Truffles

On the opposite end of the spectrum, raspberry truffles provide a fruitier and darker taste. These truffles are made with a semisweet chocolate-raspberry ganache center and enrobed in a 55% semisweet chocolate. The powder-like topping on this truffle makes them sparkle.

These truffles have a taste that balances sweet and sour. These truffles are made with real raspberries and paired with Dilettante's rich dark chocolate blend for an indulgent chocolate-fruit taste.


Dilettante Milk Chocolate Champagne Hand-Dipped Truffles

Champagne Truffles are a chocolate truffle perfect for a gift or a celebration. These chocolates are made using grain alcohol and anisette liqueur for a hint of champagne flavor alongside a sweet 38% milk chocolate.

The defining feature of these truffles is the flower-like design on the top of each. Each of these truffles are designed by hand by Dilettante’s talented chocolatiers and elevates the confection to a true work of art.


Dilettante Dark Chocolate Espresso Hand-Dipped Truffles

There is no chocolate truffle more complimentary to coffee than Dilettante’s Espresso Truffles. These truffles use espresso to flavor the dark chocolate ganache center before enrobing each with a 63% bittersweet chocolate.

Chocolate and coffee have delicious compatibility with one another. This mocha-like truffle strikes a perfect balance between the two flavors.


Dilettante Dark Chocolate L'Orange Hand-Dipped Truffles

These truffles present a complex mix of flavors. Dilettante's chocolatiers have found the perfect balance between 63% dark chocolate, orange essential oil, and white chocolate embellishments.

After each bite, experience a refreshing and rich tang from the variety of tastes. The bright citrus ganache center is irresistible to those fond of fruity flavors.


Dilettante Milk Chocolate Amaretto Hand-Dipped Truffles

Similar to champagne truffles, these truffles pair amaretto liqueur with 35% milk chocolate to create its ganache center. These chocolates are a great choice for those who enjoy a traditional milk chocolate flavor with a subtle and tame amaretto flavoring.

Dilettante makes its milk chocolate blend using the highest possible standard for quality. While other chocolates may use hydronated fats, oils, and compound chocolate, Dilettante’s milk chocolate provides a clean and wholesome flavor.


Dilettante Dark Chocolate Ginger Hand-Dipped Truffles

Made with a piece of ginger embedded in the top of the truffle, ginger truffles provide a spicy kick. Fresh ginger is known to provide a robust flavor, and when paired with 63% dark chocolate, it takes on an even more delicious flavor.

The ginger truffle is perfect for rounding out any assortment when buying a gift. Its strong flavor is sure to leave a lasting impression, one that may crave this unique flavor even more.

Salted Caramels

Dilettante Dark Chocolate Hand-Dipped Caramels

Alongside its Chocolate Truffles, Dilettante also has a selection of four different chocolate caramel flavors. Each caramel is made by infusing unique salt flavors in each caramel center and coating each with a milk or dark chocolate blend.

Pink Himalayan Salt, Sriracha, Espresso, and Smoked Alderwood Caramels each make up Dilettante’s delicious assortment. These flavors range from spicy to savory, and guests are encouraged to ask which flavor profile may suit them best.

Rheingold Toffee

Dilettante Chocolates Rheingold Toffee

The history of the Rheingold Toffee reaches back to 1981 when Dilettante’s founder was commissioned to create a confection for a series of musical dramas named the “Ring Cycle” by Rich Wagner. Das Rheingold was the name of the first of these musical dramas, and Dilettante’s toffee was named after this play.

For over forty years, the formula for Rheingold Toffee has not changed. These toffee pieces are made with a higher percentage of butter than traditional toffee, making them softer and tender. These toffee pieces are coated in milk and dark chocolate and finished with crushed pecans.

Enjoy Dilettante’s Chocolate Selection

Each of these chocolate truffles can be purchased in various assortments and in large 25-piece bulk boxes. These chocolates are perfect for gift giving during special holidays, or for special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays.

To view each of Dilettante’s Chocolate Truffle Assortments, visit the Hand-Dipped Truffle Collection. Made by hand with natural ingredients, these truffles have an unforgettable taste.

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