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Careers at Dilettante Chocolates

For over forty-five years, Dilettante Chocolates has shared its confections thanks to a team of dedicated people. The staff have a history of providing unforgettable experiences for its customers and look to continue this high standard. Dilettante would like to invite everyone interested in gourmet foods, chocolates, or coffee, to join our creative and passionate team.

Dilettante’s online ecommerce business and Mocha Café locations, all serving handcrafted food and drink selections. Each employee can expect ample training and continued support during their time with Dilettante. It is our goal to provide employees with respect, meeting scheduling needs and reward dedication.

Employees feel rewarded with a 25% discount from any mocha café location alongside free shift drinks for baristas. Full time workers also receive a medical and dental coverage plan for themselves or their household. Employees seeking advancement also have ample opportunities to expand their skillset and elevate themselves to new roles and responsibilities.

Anyone interested in being a part of the Dilettante team can apply easily. Visit Dilettante’s career page, view available jobs, and use the online form to submit an application. After reviewing a candidate’s credentials, a staff member will reach out to discuss the next steps to employment.

In the years to come, Dilettante strives to continue sharing its craft with those who appreciate quality confections. We look forward to growing our teams and encourage those who enjoy the confectionery to join Dilettante’s staff.

Take the first steps to enjoy a fulfilling career with the Dilettante Chocolates team. Visit our career’s page to learn more about the positions currently available.

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