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Enjoy a Freshly Baked Cake from Dilettante

Quality pastries have been a staple of Dilettante since it first opened its doors in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Using the notebooks written by generations of confectioners, Dilettante has treated members of the Pacific Northwest for decades. Those curious to experience Dilettante’s pastry craft should begin with Dilettante’s signature cakes.

These cakes are baked and decorated by Dilettante’s talented bakery staff. These freshly baked cakes are featured in each of Dilettante’s Mocha Cafés but can also be picked up from the Dilettante Bakery in Tukwila, Washington.

These specialty cakes come in a 10-inch size and can be prepared within 48-hours. In addition, custom writing is available for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. View all of Dilettante’s cake offerings below.

Rigo Jansci Cake

Dilettante's Rigo Jansci Cake

This cake features a chocolate mousse interior, paired with raspberry preserves and whipped chocolate ganache. The Rigo Jansci Cake is referred to as a genoise cake, one that infuses butter into the batter for a distinguished flavor.

The high-quality chocolate, raspberry preserves, and decorative embellishments give this cake a regal chocolate taste with a raspberry twist. This cake is perfectly suitable for anyone who enjoys a complex dark chocolate flavor.

10 inch cake, $68

Salted Caramel Mousse Cake

Dilettante's Salted Caramel Mousse Cake

The Salted Caramel Mouse Cake is delightfully decadent. Containing multiple delicious layers, including dark chocolate cake, salted caramel mousse, chocolate cookie crumble, and dark chocolate shavings. Each bite of this cake provides a delightful juxtaposition of flavors.

Mousse cakes use a creamy filling inside the cake to create a light and smooth texture. The cake uses its dark chocolate cookie crumble bottom to maintain its shape. Anyone fond of light and sweet desserts will be delighted by a slice of the Salted Caramel Mousse Cake.

10 inch cake, $68

Chocolate Randezvous Cake

Dilettante's Chocolate Randezvous Cake

Semisweet chocolate lovers rejoice. This cake uses a whipped chocolate ganache, chocolate sprinkles, and sixteen white and milk chocolate sticks for a pure chocolate flavor.

Like the Rigo Jansci, this cake is also a genoise. Those fond of Dilettante’s chocolate truffles will already be acquainted with semisweet ganache filling. The chocolate is made without preservatives, fillers, or hydrogenated fats for a wholesome and fulfilling taste.

10 inch cake, $68

Mocha Praline Cake

Dilettante's Mocha Praline Cake

By combining its expertise in coffee and confections, Dilettante can achieve a distinct and memorable flavor. The Mocha Praline Cake is made starting from a pecan crust base, with additional layers of chocolate ganache, semisweet chocolate filling, and a coffee extract-infused cream top.

Pralines are a culinary nut used in a variety of different confections. Sugar and cream help support the pecan flavor of this cake and elevate its flavor to match the robust flavor notes of coffee and dark chocolate.

10 inch cake, $68


Dilettante Tiramisu Cake

Mascarpone cheese, Marsala Wine, and Myers’s Dark Rum give this cake a mature flavor. Tiramisu is known for its sweet taste with a subtle, bitter accent from its espresso. This vanilla genoise is a unique cake that tastes delicious even after several days of refrigeration.

Unlike the other cakes, Dilettante’s Tiramisu is served as a quarter or half sheet. The sheet allows all of the ingredients to be brought together to produce a fluffy tiramisu cake.

1/4 sheet, $80 | 1/2 sheet, $150

Carrot Cake

Dilettante Tiramisu Cake

Carrot cake is an iconic American treat, best enjoyed during the springtime. The inclusion of carrots makes this cake one of the healthier dessert options. Spices often accompany carrot cake to balance out flavors and add additional nutrition.

Dilettante’s carrot cake uses cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, coconut, and applesauce for its spiced carrot cake center. The cream cheese frosting adds a sweet finish to the carrot cake, with a small piece of chocolate to top each slice.

1/4 sheet, $80 | 1/2 sheet, $150

Pick Up a Cake from Dilettante Chocolates

Inquiries to purchase a cake can be sent using Dilettante’s contact form. After receiving a request, Dilettante’s bakery team in Tukwila will prepare the cake, ready to be picked up on any specific date for an event or special occasion.

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