New Chocolates Have Arrived in Time for Easter

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Enjoy New TruffleCreme Gift Boxes

Easter is right around the corner, making now the best time to prepare for the fun and festive holiday. Often associated with eggs, bunnies, and spring, Easter is all about new beginnings. To help bring in the Easter season, Dilettante created unique chocolate gifts to treat friends and family.

Of all of Dilettante’s chocolate confections, TruffleCremes are the most popular. These treats are similar to Dilettante’s hand-dipped truffles but come in a light and luscious form. Each TruffleCreme is made with a soft ganache center, enrobed with premium chocolate, and wrapped in colorful foils.

Those looking for the perfect Easter Treat don’t need to look any further. Enjoy three of Dilettante’s most popular TruffleCreme flavors in new spring gift boxes this spring. These 4-ounce boxes are a perfect gift to friends or relatives or to include as a part of an Easter gift basket.

Peppermint TruffleCremes

Peppermint TruffleCremes Spring Gift Box

Peppermint TruffleCremes are a treat anyone can enjoy. The milk chocolate ganache center of these truffles is balanced with a touch of peppermint oil for a sweet and minty flavor. Simply unwrapping the green foil gives off a pleasant mint aroma.

TruffleCremes are made with all-natural ingredients and no hydrogenated fats for the purest chocolate taste possible. This colorful green gift box can satisfy both chocolate connoisseurs and casual chocolate fans.

Toffee Crunch TruffleCremes

Toffee Crunch TruffleCreme Spring Gift Box

These TruffleCremes make themselves distinct by using real butter toffee pieces in the center of the truffles. Every bite of Toffee Crunch TruffleCremes gives a subtle crunch and an eye-opening butter toffee flavor.

These treats are made for those who enjoy sweet flavors. Wrapped in purple foils and packaged in a vibrant gift box, these milk chocolate truffles make a perfect gift for Easter.

Toasted Coconut TruffleCremes

Toasted Coconut TruffleCreme Gift Box

Toasted Coconut TruffleCremes are Dilettante’s newest flavor and have quickly become a fan favorite. Unlike Peppermint and Toffee Crunch, these TruffleCremes use a dark chocolate ganache center and coating.

These TruffleCremes also include shredded coconut for a distinctive texture and flavor. The fruity and milky taste is a perfect companion to the rich flavor profile of dark chocolate. These TruffleCremes are great for those who enjoy bold and decadent flavors.

Enjoy Easter with Dilettante Chocolates

Easter only comes one time a year, and Dilettante hopes to help make it memorable. Pick up a new TruffleCreme gift box to enjoy for Easter, Monther’s Day, or any other upcoming gathering or event.

From everyone at Dilettante Chocolates, we hope you have a happy Easter and hope to treat you during spring.

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