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Bring in the Holiday Season

As the cozy month of October draws to a close and the colder months of November begin, there is a new atmosphere. Instead of spiders and jack-o-lanterns, people decorate their houses according to the holiday season. Fall leaf and turkey decorations are then replaced with wreaths, house lights, and pine trees.

This changing of seasons doesn’t only mark a change of decoration. In the last two months of the year, Dilettante Chocolates will offer some of its best deals, coupons, and sales.

Join the Email List

By subscribing to join the Dilettante email list, customers can receive a code to save 10%. This acts as a thank-you for their interest in gourmet chocolate, but the true value is in the emails themselves.

In past weeks, the email list frequently offered discounts on shipping and Dilettante’s vast catalog of products. These deals offer such large savings, they can only last for several days at a time. For those interested in buying any Dilettante Chocolates in the future, keeping in touch can drastically reduce the cost.

The first way to receive all of Dilettante’s upcoming holiday sales is to subscribe to the email list. Coming approximately once per week, these emails come with news, product information, and useful coupon codes.

Dilettante understands how important an email inbox is. That’s why Dilettante will never share or sell any email addresses and include an opt-out link at the bottom of every email if any subscriber decides to stop receiving emails.

Follow Dilettante on Social Media

For those who are more interested in social media, any new information or sales are posted on Instagram and Facebook. Dilettante’s social media is a perfect place to stay connected with all things Dilettante and a place to reach out with questions.

No matter how someone chooses to stay up to date with Dilettante, now is the perfect time to keep an eye out to save on all-natural gourmet chocolate. Throughout November and December, our supporters will receive the opportunity to buy decadent chocolate as gifts or for themselves at a cheaper price. To start saving, join our email list or follow our social media and enjoy this upcoming holiday season.

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