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Welcome The Holiday Season

The month of November also marks the beginning of a busy holiday season. Throughout the next upcoming months, families come together to celebrate the festivities. From Thanksgiving to the various holidays and traditions in December, now is the perfect time to start reminding loved ones how important they are.

Dilettante Chocolates works hard to help to appreciate and celebrating those around us easier. For this holiday season, offer a gift everyone can love: gourmet chocolate wrapped in beautiful gift boxes. After months of patient anticipation, Dilettante is ready to present brand-new products and seasonal items to bring in the holiday season.

New Holiday TruffleCremes

A delicious combination of sweet and slightly crunchy ingredients, Toasted Coconut TruffleCremes are the newest flavor of TruffleCremes. Toasted Coconut is the fourth TruffleCreme flavor to be enrobed in dark chocolate, perfectly complimenting the sweet and nutty taste of coconut.

In the upcoming months, enjoy the new TruffleCremes in festive 4-ounce polar bear gift boxes. For more traditional flavors, there are two other four-ounce boxes featuring red and white Candy Cane TruffleCremes along with a Christmas tree gift box with Dilettante’s specialty Ephemere flavor wrapped in red foils.

Fruit Covered in Ruby Cacao

While it is never too early to start shopping for gifts, some may want fall flavors to see family in November. That’s why Dilettante has a new chocolate fruit creation: Bing cherries and blueberries coated in ruby cacao. These 4.5-ounce gift boxes are decorated with cherries and blueberry and a uniquely fresh and fruit flavor with sour notes.

Ruby cacao is less sweet than other chocolate varieties and pairs wonderfully with blueberries and Bing cherries. The fruit in these gift boxes aren’t colored, the pinkish-red color is completely natural and a distinct feature of ruby cacao. As family members roll into town for Thanksgiving, delight them with the novel taste of ruby cacao chocolate.

Dilettante Chocolates has a gourmet treat to appeal to everyone. Whether it is the subtle crunch from Toasted Coconut and Candy Cane TruffleCremes or the sour notes from ruby cacao, Dilettante can help make any holiday celebration even more special.

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