How to Make Father’s Day 2022 Special

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5 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

Father’s Day is an important and memorable holiday celebrating fathers and father figures. This year, the holiday falls on Sunday, June 19th, only two days before the first day of summer. Even if those people want to make Father’s Day special for those they care about, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to show someone they are truly appreciated. Follow a few easy methods below to treat anyone for Father’s Day.

Make Father’s Day a Father’s Day Weekend

Since Father’s Day lands on a Sunday, there is plenty of time to make plans over the entire weekend. So decide to visit a favorite hiking trail, watch a nostalgic movie, or stop by a museum on Saturday and continue the festivities on Sunday.

Father’s Day can turn into a Father’s Weekend by offering up a little extra time. Of course, every father is different, but paying attention to the activities they enjoy and giving them time and attention is the perfect way to show genuine appreciation.

Hiking trail in the Pacific Northwest
Hiking Is a Perfect Father’s Day Activity

Watch Live Sports

Dads and sports go hand in hand. Especially if someone is interested in baseball or soccer, Father’s Day is the perfect time to sit down and enjoy watching a favorite team compete.

Fathers are often caught up in their work or busy schedules and neglect making enough time for themselves. It may be tempting to create a packed schedule to celebrate Father’s Day, but in many cases, relaxing and doing the simple things may be the best way to celebrate.

Give a Father’s Day Card

One of the staples of Father’s Day is to give a card with a thoughtfully written note inside. Cards are the perfect way for a person to express themselves and can be kept as a keepsake to look back on. Without a doubt, picking up a Father’s Day card is one of the best ways to say thank you.

A common problem is figuring out what to write on a Father’s Day card. It is easy to overthink the importance of what gets written on cards, but spending one or two minutes to find the proper wording is more than enough. Instead, write based on experience and try to express appreciation in the most authentic way possible.

Enjoy the Sun

Summer is quickly approaching, and there is no better time to plan for outdoor activities. Over the next several days, pay close attention to the weather forecast. If the sun comes out, spending the day outdoors could be the best way to celebrate Father’s Day.

Plan to enjoy a picnic, go kayaking, or cook on the barbeque in the backyard. Going to an outdoor sporting event is also a great option to have fun while enjoying the last few days of spring.

Dark Chocolate Salmon by Dilettante Chocolates
Dilettante's Dark Chocolate Salmon

Find a Thoughtful Gift

Father’s Day gifts are a simple and straightforward way to thank someone on Father’s Day. Although it may seem like dads already have everything they want, there are plenty of gifts people want but don’t buy for themselves.

While there are many ways to treat dad for Father’s Day, chocolates may be the safest bet. Gourmet-quality chocolates are an affordable treat that almost everyone can appreciate. In addition, due to the many types are varieties, each boxed assortment can be personalized to the individual.

Before this Father’s Day, explore decadent arrangements from Dilettante Chocolates. From chocolate-covered fruit to large hand-dipped truffles, there is a treat to delight any man this Father’s Day.

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