White Chocolate Rheingold Toffee is Now Available

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Rheingold Toffee in White Chocolate

Since its introduction in 1981, Rheingold Toffee established itself as a beloved favorite. These English-styled toffee pieces feature a higher percentage of butter, providing a soft and pleasant taste. For those looking for a sweet and subtle flavor, White Chocolate Rheingold Toffee is now available in a bulk 25-piece box.

Traditionally, Rheingold Toffee is made using dark chocolate to balance the sweet toffee flavor notes. However, white chocolate embraces toffee’s sweet flavor instead. The cocoa butter used in Dilettante’s all-natural white chocolate has subtle flavors, working with the golden toffee interior to deliver a satisfying yet complex taste.

As with all of Dilettante’s hand-dipped chocolates, talented chocolatiers craft each piece with traditional dipping methods. Using natural, non-GMO, each toffee is cooked to perfection and dipped by hand in couverture-quality chocolate. To perfect each piece, the toffee receives a generous topping of crushed pecans and almonds.

White Chocolate Rheingold Toffee
25-Piece Box of White Rheingold Toffee

Rheingold Toffee receives its name from the Pacific Northwest Wagner Festival. The festival commissioned Dilettante to create a confection celebrating the performance of four musical dramas named the “Ring Cycle” by Richard Wagner. The confection was named after the first act in Wagner’s Ring cycle, Das Rheingold, and paid homage to the toffee’s iconic golden amber color.

Ever since, Rheingold Toffee has been one of Dilettante’s iconic flavors and has been shared with thousands of people during its four-decade-long life. Starting today, white chocolate lovers can enjoy this toffee flavor and its rich history in a new complimentary chocolate shell.

Alongside toffee, Dilettante also creates a flavorful variety of chocolate truffles and caramels. To find the perfect chocolate assortment for anniversaries, holidays, or special occasions, shop Dilettante’s hand-dipped chocolate collection.

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