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Five Dessert Topping Ideas

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Dilettante Chocolates Dessert Topping Ideas

The fall equinox is less than a month away, making now the last opportunity to enjoy the summer. There are many things to miss about the warm weather, including enjoying a rich bowl of ice cream to cool off.

Everyone prefers different flavors. Not only when it comes to the ice cream and desserts, but also the flavors accompanying them. Dessert toppings span a wide range of other ingredients. Nuts, fresh fruit, and chocolate sauce are popular choices on ice cream, but these can occasionally feel stale.

Enjoying a dessert should feel memorable. For those looking for a new flavor to enjoy with cheesecakes, ice cream, and brownies, here are five ideas from Dilettante Chocolates.

1. Raspberry, Shaved Almonds, Dark Chocolate

Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Topping

Shaved Almonds, Raspberry, Whipped Cream, Dark Chocolate

Raspberries are known for their distinctively sweet and tart taste. This addition helps curb excess sweetness while also adding its complex flavor. To support this flavor, include raspberries on a bed of whipped cream and balance them with savory shaved almonds.

Dark chocolate brings a fruity flavor of its own to tie all the ingredients together. Dark chocolate and raspberries are equal partners in this dessert topping. Dilettante understands this relationship so well, it creates its own Raspberry Dark Chocolate Dessert Topping in-house.

For those who enjoy a fruity taste, the combination of shaved almonds, raspberries, whipped cream, and dark chocolate can satisfy.

2. Coffee, Cinnamon, Milk Chocolate

Mocha Milk Chocolate Topping

Wafer Cookies, Finely Ground Coffee, Cinnamon, Milk Chocolate

Coffee has an entire world of its own. The bitter flavor notes and energizing quality are what make coffee beloved by so many. Cups of espressos and coffee benefit from added sweetness, making them a perfect dessert topping.

The bitter flavor notes can be balanced by bringing together a coffee topping with sweet milk chocolate sauce. Wafer cookies add texture to the topping. These cookies can be included whole or broken into pieces. Sprinkle a favorite ground coffee blend and cinnamon on top to complete this topping idea.

The caffeine in coffee is a great way to wake up in the morning, but an evening dessert is best enjoyed decaffeinated. Find a decaf blend, or try Dilettante’s Mocha Milk Chocolate Dessert Topping to enjoy a beautiful pairing between coffee and chocolate.

3. Sprinkles, Marshmallows, & Hot Fudge

Hot Fudge Sundaes in Small Bowls

Hot Fudge, Sprinkles, Marshmallows, Cherry

Thicker and more indulgent than regular chocolate sauce, hot fudge becomes the centerpiece of any dessert. Take a favorite chocolate sauce flavor, add cocoa powder to thicken, then heat sugar, butter, and heavy cream in a saucepan for several minutes before adding it to the chocolate mixture. Stir these ingredients together and serve hot for a delicious contrast in temperature and flavor.

Marshmallows and sprinkles hold up well in the heat of the hot fudge. These two ingredients are traditional dessert toppings and add additional sweetness. Top with a cherry and enjoy a classic and delicious dessert. 

4. Sea Salt Caramel, Pretzel, and Milk Chocolate

Sea Salt Caramel Cake Topping

Pretzel, Milk Chocolate Pieces, Whipped Cream, Caramel Sauce

Caramel is well-known for its delicious juxtaposition between sweet and savory flavor. These flavor notes are further accentuated with milk chocolate and pretzel pieces to create the best dessert topping possible.

Caramel is made through a process of sugar, salt, cream, and vanilla. By cooking these ingredients at the ideal temperature, caramelization occurs, creating a light and delicate texture. This dessert topping supplements the caramel with its primary ingredients.

Dilettante creates its Sea Salt Caramel topping for a more convenient caramel option by blending its house-made caramel with its decadent milk chocolate.  

5. Signature Ephemere, Nuts, & Whipped Cream

Dark Chocolate Ephemere Topping

Whipped Cream, Chopped Nuts, Signature Ephemere Dessert Topping

Derived from the word ephemeral, Ephemere is a dark chocolate flavor unique to Dilettante. For those looking for something new, Dilettante’s Signature Ephemere Dessert Topping may be a perfect solution.

The Ephemere flavors bring forth tones of lightly browned butter, caramelized cream, and a hint of vanilla. This flavor is made using a proprietary cooking method, perfected over decades of experience. This process is what gives Ephemere its velvety taste.

The Signature Ephemere Dessert Topping can be used in almost any dessert. Fresh fruit, hot chocolate, cheesecake, and ice cream benefit from this luscious dark chocolate flavor. Pair with whipped cream and chopped nuts for a gourmet-quality dessert experience.

Experience a New Addition to a Favorite Dessert

Between these five dessert topping ideas, there is plenty of flavors to enjoy before the fall. Between sweet, savory, fruity, and chocolatey dessert toppings, Dilettante has something for everyone. Each packaged in 10-ounce glass jars, these dessert toppings make it easy to enhance any dessert topping ideas above.

In addition to sauces and toppings, Dilettante also makes chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered fruit, and chocolate coffee beans. Discover a new favorite dessert by exploring Dilettante’s premium confections.

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