Dilettante's Six Caramel Flavors

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Creating the Perfect Caramel Flavor

A perfect salted caramel strikes a balance between its savory and sweet flavor notes. Unfortunately, confectioners often struggle to achieve the correct flavor due to how hard caramel is to make. The ideal caramel flavor requires years of experience and no small amount of creativity.

Dilettante Chocolates made caramels since it opened in Seattle's Capitol Hill Neighborhood. But, as one would expect, the ideal caramel formula didn't come easily. Dilettante's chocolatiers experimented with different caramels for years before settling on a single recipe.

Dilettante's Traditional Caramels

Dilettante Chocolates Traditional Caramel Flavor

The perfect measured amounts of all-natural cream, sugar, sea salt, and natural vanilla breathed life into Dilettante's salted caramels. Dark and milk chocolate blends covered the new flavor, completing the caramel squares.

Ever since, Dilettante's sea salt caramels continued to be shared and enjoyed. These caramels come in 6- and 12-piece white and silver gift boxes. The elegant design makes these caramels a popular choice for wedding favors or special occasions.

Dilettante achieved its ideal caramel flavor, and continues to share it with thousands of people. Despite its popularity, Dilettante wasn't content with only two varieties of caramels. In an effort to reach more people, Dilettante's newest head chocolatier began experimenting with new caramel flavors.

The Salted Caramel Collection

Four new sea salt caramel flavors

In the year 2020, Dilettante welcomed its new head chocolatier, Julie Reed. Using the original recipe as a foundation, Julie incorporated different ingredients to create more complex flavors. Different salt varieties and grain alcohol lead to a new 4-piece gift box filled with new caramel flavors.

Himalayan Pink, Sriracha, Smoke, and Espresso Salted Caramels make up the new assortment. Each of the flavors is dipped by hand to ensure each piece reaches Dilettante's high-quality standards.

Six Sweet and Savory Flavors

Today, caramel lovers have the choice to enjoy Dilettante's original recipe new flavors from the Salted Caramel Collection. Together, Dilettante presents six different flavors of caramels to fall in love with.

The process of cooking and creating caramel may be complex, but Dilettante Chocolates makes them regardless. Creating confections is an expression of an artist's craft as it is a dessert to enjoy. For years, Dilettante shared this craft with its supporters' friends, family, and loved ones. Enjoy a salted caramel and experience the decades of Dilettante's caramel craftsmanship.

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