Dilettante's Caramel-Making Process

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The Caramel-Making Process

Beloved by many, salted caramels are treats that balance sweet and savory flavors. However, when making these chewy candies, confectioners must practice patience since making caramels can be a difficult process.

Caramel is made by heating sugar, butter, and cream and stirring in salt and vanilla. After the caramel reaches its iconic golden-brown color, it takes several hours to set. The last step is to place each piece in dipping chocolate and cover in sea salt.

The caramel-making process is very versatile, and altering the cooking time or the caramel ingredients can lead to a drastically different flavor. Confectioners need to take the time to experiment with caramel before reaching a great-tasting recipe.

Dilettante Chocolates Salted Milk & Dark Chocolate Caramels
Dilettante's Vibrant Caramel Flavors

How Dilettante Makes Its Caramels

Dilettante Chocolates leverages its experience working with chocolate and caramels to create its caramel selection. From start to finish, Dilettante caramels are made by hand, taking enough time and attention to ensure each piece is made properly.

Using flavored salt at the center of each of its caramels, Dilettante’s Salted Caramel Collection features a distinctive variety of caramels. Inside the four-piece gift box, caramel lovers can enjoy novel flavors such as Siracha, Espresso, Smoked Alderwood, and Himalayan Pink Salt.

For those looking for a more traditional caramel flavor, Dilettante has reinvented its six-piece salted caramel gift box. Open up the elegant white box to treat a friend or family member to dark and milk chocolate caramels topped with Cypress Sea Salt. With a new look and appearance, these caramels are perfect to delight anyone fond of caramels or chocolates.

As with all of Dilettante’s hand-dipped chocolates, each caramel square is made with time and attention. View Dilettante’s chocolate assortments and find a new favorite amongst dozens of toffee, truffle, and caramel flavors.

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