Why Does Chocolate Melt in Your Mouth?

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Why Does Chocolate Melt in Your Mouth?

A big part of what makes chocolate so delicious is its texture. The rich, woodsy flavor of cocoa beans works in tandem with its luscious and melty consistency. Chocolate’s unique qualities may lead some to wonder how it can melt in their mouth but remain solid in their hand.

The secret behind chocolate’s unique meltaway quality is its melting point, which falls between 86- and 90-degrees Fahrenheit. This lands chocolate in a sweet spot, able to remain solid at room temperature, but after being placed in a person’s mouth, the cocoa fats break apart, and the chocolate begins to melt.

Since the number of cocoa fats in the chocolate determines the melting point, there are slight differences in when white, milk, and dark chocolate will melt. Generally, dark chocolate will melt the fastest since it contains the most cocoa solids. On the other hand, white chocolate, with more cocoa butter in its recipe, will melt slower.

Chocolatiers strive to achieve the best feel possible when creating chocolate. To do so, they need to consider how people will feel before, during, and after eating the chocolate. For a chocolatier to be effective, they also need to understand the properties of the chocolate itself.

Sometimes, this means altering chocolate’s melting point, such as mixing the chocolate with cream to make chocolate ganache. Other times, changing the shape and appearance of chocolate may be all that is needed to make it taste even better.

Dilettante's Ephemere TruffleCremes in Dark Chocolate

Dilettante's TruffleCremes in Dark Chocolate

Made using its own meltaway formula, Dilettante’s TruffleCremes are the result of years of experimentation and iteration. These miniature chocolate truffles are made with an emphasis on their light and luscious texture and appearance. Individually wrapped in colorful foils, these treats give a delightful melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Each TruffleCreme flavor features a melty chocolate ganache center inside an outer layer of dipping chocolate. These candies come in various flavors, including peppermint, toffee crunch, Ephemere, and toasted coconut, each made to melt the second they are eaten.

Explore Dilettante’s variety of TruffleCreme flavors and enjoy Dilettante’s specialty meltaway formula. These small and luscious treats are made to leave chocolate lovers feeling satisfied.

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