Introducing Chocolate Turbinado Almonds

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Real Turbinado Cane Sugar & Semisweet Chocolate

To kick off the year 2021, Dilettante Chocolates has reintroduced an old favorite: Chocolate Covered Turbinado Almonds. Those who already enjoy Dilettante’s chocolate-covered nut selection are in for a sweet surprise. These candied almonds bring together a variety of flavors from semisweet dark chocolate, California almonds, natural sea salt, and of course, turbinado cane sugar.

Sometimes referred to as raw sugar, turbinado sugar provides a more natural sugar taste, harvested straight from the sugar cane. The sugar pairs well with the mature flavor of dark chocolate and whole almonds. In each bite, expect a sophisticated and decadent flavor profile.

These almonds are made using a unique chocolate-coating process, where almonds are tumbled in the finest couverture quality chocolate. Each almond is covered completely and evenly, leaving no cracks or imperfections in the outer shell.

The finished product is put into 5-ounce bags and sold in packs of eight to ensure there is plenty of chocolate almond flavor to go around. Each of these 8-packs of these Turbinado Almonds only cost $12, a remarkable value despite the sought-after quality of turbinado cane sugar.

These eight bags will make for excellent treats or at home or work. With so many chocolate almonds, there is plenty of great taste to share with family or friends.

These chocolate-covered nuts are only the start for Dilettante Chocolates. In the year 2021, we hope to introduce new chocolate creations and other popular items from the past. In the upcoming months, expect to see and experience something brand new.

For a novel chocolate-almond flavor, shop Dark Chocolate Turbinado Almonds. To stay in touch with Dilettante and always be notified when there are new products, join our email list and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages. We hope we can give you something special in 2021.

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