Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

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What is White Chocolate?

The pale appearance and sweet taste of white chocolate make it one of the most distinct chocolate varieties.  White chocolate is less understood when compared to milk and dark chocolate, and some may wonder whether white chocolate should be considered chocolate at all.

All chocolate comes from two primary ingredients: buttery cocoa butter and solid cocoa bean parts. The solids are called cacao, and altering the amount of cacao included in chocolate determines its flavor.

White chocolate is distinct because it doesn't include one of these primary ingredients. The amount of cocoa butter in white chocolate is high, but it doesn't include any solid beans parts. This cocoa butter is responsible for the chocolate's iconic white color and sweet flavor.

Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

There are a few reasons why people may say white chocolate is not real chocolate. White chocolate is usually paired with other artificial sweeteners to achieve the sweetest flavor possible. The inclusion of different oils and sugar replacements harms the quality of white chocolate and depreciates its flavor.

In conjunction with a lack of cacao solids, these bad practices leave white chocolate in a grey area. White chocolate shares many similarities with other chocolate varieties but is different enough to be distinct.

There may never be a definitive answer, but Dilettante considers white chocolate as real as any other chocolate. Using specialty techniques and premium ingredients, Dilettante's chocolatiers make white chocolate with craftsmanship and expertise.

In recent years, white chocolate has been used to great success to provide complex flavors. Dilettante’s White Chocolate Praline truffle is a great example of a high-quality white chocolate taste.

Unlike other chocolates, Dilettante makes its white chocolate with no oils, hydrogenated fats, or artificial sweeteners. Instead, this pure chocolate flavor has a subtle hint of pecans for a deeply indulgent flavor that could impress even the most discerning chocolate connoisseur.

Experience a Pure White Chocolate Taste

Alongside the Praline Truffle, Dilettante creates several confections featuring the illustrious white chocolate flavor. View our wide selection of chocolates and taste the craftsmanship necessary to deliver a gourmet-quality flavor.

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