Why Dilettante Uses All-Natural Ingredients

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Chocolate Craftsmanship Made from All-Natural Ingredients

When creating chocolate, there are many avenues for expression. By slightly altering ingredients and recipes, confectioners can create their distinctive flavor profiles and styles. Chocolatiers have no strict rules to follow but still hold themselves to high standards regardless.

For more than forty-five years, Dilettante Chocolates has committed itself to its craft. Dilettante makes its most iconic confections with all-natural ingredients to give its supporters the best chocolate taste possible.

This method of making chocolate is especially notable, as more chocolatiers start to cut corners. As a result, cocoa and other confectionary ingredients have steadily risen in price in the past several years. However, by leaning on artificial ingredients and high fructose corn syrup, chocolate can be made cheaper.

The drawback to using artificial ingredients and sweeteners is an exceedingly sweet taste with diminished nutrition. Chocolate is a source of antioxidants, fiber, and iron, provided by the cocoa solids in the chocolate. If chocolate includes additives, these benefits diminish. Additionally, some people react badly to artificial ingredients and can feel sick after eating them.

Artificial ingredients can also try to cover up the taste of low-quality chocolate. Artificial flavorings contribute a robust flavor but are easily noticeable.

Natural flavors are more subdued and emphasize the chocolate flavor better. Dilettante’s distinct, velvety chocolate taste comes from its combination of sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla. These ingredients provide a better taste and offer opportunities for creativity.

Natural ingredients serve as the basis for Dilettante’s heirloom recipes. Enduring flavors such as Ephemere and Rheingold Toffee are only possible using natural ingredients.

These recipes inspire Dilettante Chocolates today. Taste the difference all-natural ingredients can make with any Hand-Dipped Truffle Gift Box. These boxes are filled with chocolates crafted by hand for a premium chocolate treat. In each bite, taste a clean chocolate flavor, paired with subtle flavor notes from all-natural ingredients.

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