Transitioning from Warm Weather Shipping

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Shipping During The Fall Season

From the entire Dilettante Chocolates Team, we would like to thank our supporters for their patience and understanding this summer. The last several months have brought on additional challenges, but we have been met with patience and understanding. As we enter into a new fall season, Dilettante will resume its standard shipping policy.

During this transition, warm-weather shipping may still be necessary for states with hot temperatures. To keep the chocolates from melting, states such as Arizona, Texas, and Florida will be shipped using two-day shipping with ice.

Customers not affected by high temperatures can ship chocolates using Dilettante’s Standard Shipping option. Chocolates sent using this option are sent in 5-7 business days using the United States Postal Service. Since these packages ship without any ice, shipping using this option is cheaper than summer shipping.

Since chocolates ship slower using standard shipping, viewing the weather forecast before ordering is recommended. If temperatures are above seventy degrees, it is recommended to wait and ship later to arrive safely.

The upcoming fall season is an exciting time, and we hope you choose to share it with us. Explore hand-dipped chocolates, TruffleCremes, and Chocolate-covered confections and treat a friend or loved one in the upcoming months.

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