The Dilettante Mocha Café at Plaza Center is Now Open

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Visit the Plaza Center

After many months of anticipation, Dilettante’s Bellevue Plaza Center Mocha Café is now open. Monday through Friday, the café will serve visitors freshly prepared foods and delicious coffee drinks.

Located on 10900 NE 8th Street in Bellevue, Washington, this café is in the heart of downtown Bellevue. A stark contrast to the bustling city, a quiet hum of music creates a calm and cozy atmosphere. The ample space between tables and bar counter seating also gives people the opportunity to spread out.

Visitors have the opportunity to work or relax as they refresh with confections and meals from the café. At Plaza Center, customers can choose from a variety of breakfast foods, soups, and sandwiches. Pair any of these choices with a preferred drink choice for an unforgettable café experience.

As its name suggests, the Dilettante Mocha Café spends time and attention to create decadent mocha drinks. The flavor of these mochas can be customized using Dilettante’s Chocolate Scale. This scale shows four different chocolate blends and their associated cacao values in any mocha or hot chocolate.

Alongside its mochas, The Plaza Center Café has many other drinks to choose from. Lattes, espresso shots, tea, and frappes are other popular alternatives.

For those living in the Bellevue area, the Plaza Center has something to offer everyone. The Plaza Center Mocha Café is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. visit and discover how the Dilettante Mocha Café can serve you.

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