Taking a Look Inside Dilettante's Fruit Medley Wheel

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Taking a Look Inside the Fruit Medley

The fall season is normally associated with warm cups of coffee, pumpkin, and hot food, but lately, people have been discovering a new favorite. The Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley Wheel is one of Dilettante’s most popular products all-year-round but even more so in the cool autumn months.

Using a special chocolate covering technique where dried fruit is gently tumbled in special revolving pans. These pans coat the fruit evenly and easily, first with a blend of milk and dark chocolate in the middle before finished with a white chocolate shell on the outside for a delicious chocolate variety.

While the fruit is all made in the same way, the flavors are very different from each other. The Fruit Medley Wheel is a wonderful choice to bring to parties or family gatherings since everyone can find a favorite flavor.

Although the wheel displays pictures of fruit for each section of the wheel, it may still be difficult to figure out which color corresponds to which flavor. For those who have not tried Dilettante’ Fruit Medley wheels before, here are all the delicious offerings from a 36-Ounce Fruit Medley Wheel.

Royal Cherries

Colored in a bright and cheery red color, these royal cherries are sweeter than their Bing cherry counterparts. The sweet notes play to the strengths of the three chocolate blends which surround it. Unlike a wet cordial, these cherries are dry on the inside, leading to a chewy and clean texture with every bite. Made finest couverture quality chocolate, these cherries will delight any fruit or chocolate lover.


A classic combination, chocolate-covered strawberries give a divine taste. The blends of white, milk, and dark chocolate perfectly balance out the natural acidic taste strawberries have. The white-colored dry strawberries are the largest in the fruit medley assortment and with such a satisfying taste, there is no wonder strawberries and chocolate make for a perfect pair.


The sweet, slightly acidic taste of a blueberry balances the lightness of Dilettante’s white, milk, and dark chocolate blends. Colored in a dark blue, these dried blueberries may come in a small size, but offer tremendous flavor. Blueberries are also an excellent source of antioxidants that can help fight diseases and stay healthy.


The tart flavor of apricots is balanced out with notes from dark, white, and milk chocolate. These pieces have a fibrous texture, adding depth to their incredible taste. Apricots also offer many nutritional benefits including a high number of antioxidants, potassium, and nutrients.

Bing Cherries

Dried and chewy Bing cherries make these treat flavorful. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Bing cherries are larger and darker than other cherries and give a rich and fulfilling flavor. Bing cherries are colored a dark red color in the fruit wheel and are also loved by themselves in Dilettante’s 24-ounce pouches.


Rich chocolate coats the soft, tart dried cranberries for a combination of sweet and sour chocolate-fruit flavor. The chewy berry center also acts as a delicious base for the chocolate layers. Colored brown, these cranberries give a luscious taste to round out the wonderful flavors in the Fruit Medley.

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