Spend $10 on Dilettante, Save $10 on Prime Day

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Shop Dilettante & Receive $10

Amazon is offering a $10 credit to use on Prime Day when shopping with small businesses such as Dilettante Chocolates. Buy any chocolate product from Dilettante in the following four days and receive an email from Amazon to claim a $10 credit. This credit is only usable during Prime Day (October 13th and 14th) and cannot be applied to any purchases before October 13th. Be sure to mark a calendar and act quickly to not miss out on the $10 promotion.

This offer is only available to Amazon Prime members, but there is still time to become one and take advantage of this opportunity. One month of prime membership costs $12.99, which means after one purchase from a small business, the membership nearly pays for itself.

All products sold by the Dilettante brand qualify for this promotion, but not Dilettante products sold by resellers. Look for the “Spend $10 on small business, save $10 on Prime Day” message below the product bullet points.

For some ideas on how to claim $10 amazon credit, here are some of the most popular products from Dilettante on Amazon:

28oz Jar of Chocolate TruffleCremes

The silky-smooth TruffleCremes are a gourmet chocolate creation. Dilettante enrobes each chocolate ganache center with fine dipping chocolate made from a blend of West African and South American cacao. In this process, Dilettante cuts no corners. All ingredients are natural to ensure the best taste possible.

Each flavor, from the fruity blood orange to the rich dark Ephemere, each is coated in a complimentary chocolate flavor. The velvety texture of the melt-in-your-mouth chocolates makes for a light and savory experience.

36oz Fruit Medley Wheel 

Premium quality and the best ingredients are what make the Dilettante Chocolate Fruit Medley Wheel one of its most beloved creations. Each of the six fruit in this assortment all undergoes a process called ‘Dragee’ to create their beautiful shapes.

During this process, each fruit is wrapped in three layers of chocolate. Dilettante first surrounds these pieces with dark and milk chocolate blends before finishing the outside with a white chocolate shell. This specialty technique ensures no blemishes or cracks in the final product, giving every piece of fruit a satisfying and smooth taste.

Chocolate Espresso Bean Blend 3lb jar

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans are among the most popular items Dilettante Chocolates provides. Using decadent layers of milk, dark and white chocolate, Dilettante’s whole-roasted coffee beans receive multiple chocolate coats. The bitter coffee notes are complemented by the taste of rich chocolate to delight any coffee or chocolate connoisseur.

Three pounds of espresso beans are contained in this wide-mouthed jar. Enjoy a variety of delicious chocolate flavors: milk, dark, white, and marbled. Made with Dilettante’s own Hapsburg whole-roasted coffee beans, these treats are a decadent way to perk up throughout the day.

9.5oz Chocolate Melting & Dipping Wafers (2 pack)

This two-pack of Dilettante Chocolate Melting & Dipping Wafers are made with the finest chocolate ingredients. Pure cocoa butter, real milk, and natural cane sugar give these wafers their high quality. Dilettante refuses to water down its chocolate with vegetable oil or hydrogenated fats and instead insists on providing a clean and natural product.

Dilettante’s Chocolate Wafers are the most versatile chocolate Dilettante offers. For any chocolate coating, molding, dipping, or garnishing need, these wafers will add decadent flavor. Choose between bittersweet, semisweet, milk, and white chocolate blends and begin to taste Dilettante’s premium quality.

4oz Meltaway Chocolate Truffles (3 pack)

Based on the same smooth texture as TruffleCremes, these specialty truffles are made with a meltaway formula for a creamy chocolate taste. Each chocolate piece contains a rich chocolate ganache center and a thick outer chocolate coating with even more chocolate embellishments drizzled on top.

These gift boxes come in packs of three, perfect to give to friends and family. Coming in artisan black, green, red, and blue gift boxes, these are Dilettante’s most elegant gift packages.

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