The Perfect Coffee to Pair With Chocolate

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Coffee Made With Chocolate in Mind

Since opening its doors in 1976, in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood, Dilettante has committed itself to more than its signature chocolates. The Dilettante Mocha Café cultivated expert coffeemakers for nearly forty years to deliver a rich coffee flavor to perfectly pair with chocolate.

Upon founding Dilettante Chocolates, the company began roasting its coffee blends. After some experimentation, Dilettante settled on one coffee blend to move the cafés forward, the Hapsburg House Blend.

Dilettante’s Hapsburg House Blend receives its name from the great uncle of Dilettante’s Founder, Julius Franzen. Julius became a confectioner at age twelve, eventually working his way up to become the Mastery Pastry Chef to his most famous patron, the last great Hapsburg emperor, Franz Joseph I.

Dilettante's Hapsburg House Blend
Dilettante's Hapsburg House Blend

The coffee is considered a Viennese-roast or a non-oily medium-dark roast coffee with a balanced flavor profile. After grinding and filtering the espresso beans, the resulting coffee strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity with a light-golden crema.

This coffee blend is specially made to complement the taste of chocolate. The flavors of cocoa and arabica coffee beans are similar, providing a floral and sophisticated taste. This blend is perfect for anyone fond of chocolate and coffee.

Dilettante stands behind the Hapsburg Blend, using it daily at its Mocha Café Locations. People living in Washington can stop by and experience the rich espresso flavors for themselves.

Alternatively, this elegant coffee blend is available online in ground and whole bean varieties. In addition, the coffee comes in a vacuum flushed container to maintain its freshness for months to come.

There are countless ways to enjoy Dilettante’s Hapsburg Bean Blend. Stir in chocolate sauce for a delicious mocha, or enjoy an espresso with a plate of chocolate truffles. No matter how a person chooses to enjoy this coffee blend, they can expect a delicious taste every time.

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