What Makes Chocolate Truffles Special

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Celebrate National Truffle Day

May 2nd marks National Chocolate Truffle Day, a time to celebrate the iconic chocolate confections. Chocolate truffles are made from a creamy ganache and crisp dipping chocolate for a complex and delicious chocolate truffle taste. Often coming in boxed assortments, each of these treats is made special by the hands of talented chocolatiers.

Truffles originated in France in the early 1900s and have set itself apart in popularity and taste. Compared to bonbons or caramels, truffles have more flexibility in shape, flavor, and texture.

Ganache is made by mixing chocolate and cream to create a malleable filling. These ganache centers often incorporate liqueurs and natural flavors, changing the flavor profile in subtle ways. After completing the ideal ganache center, chocolatiers can experiment with dark, milk, and white dipping chocolates and embellishments.

The result is a remarkable confection. Bite into the hard chocolate shell to discover a melty chocolate center infused with additional chocolate and various flavors.

Dilettante Chocolate Truffles Gift Box
Chocolate Truffles Gift Box

Dilettante’s Hand-Dipped Truffles

Since first opening its doors in 1976, thousands of people have enjoyed Dilettante’s award-winning chocolate truffles. Dilettante has maintained its commitment to quality by creating its truffles with all-natural ingredients and non-GMO chocolate for nearly five decades.

Sugar costs less than chocolate, so commercially-processed truffles have their tastes covered up by an excess amount of sweetness. Dilettante Chocolates uses traditional dipping methods and quality ingredients for a natural and decadent chocolate flavor.

Dilettante’s hand-dipped assortments feature a wealth of unique chocolate truffle flavors. Choose from delicious flavors such as dark chocolate raspberry, white chocolate praline, and milk chocolate champagne in each assortment.

Those looking to celebrate National Chocolate Truffle Day won't need to look any further. By following the best chocolate-making practices and by dipping each truffle by hand, Dilettante guarantees the best flavor possible. 

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