Toasted Coconut: The Best TruffleCreme Yet

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Toasted Coconut in Dark Chocolate

Last week, Dilettante introduced its newest flavor of TruffleCreme: Toasted Coconut. Already, the flavor has proven to be remarkably popular and the 4-ounce holiday gift boxes have already gone out of stock. For those looking for gifts during the holiday season, Dilettante suggests trying this unique and slightly crunchy flavor before they disappear.

Fortunately, the 4-ounce Polar Bear Gift Boxes are currently being restocked and should be around to pick up for any holiday gifts. For those who would prefer not to wait, these Coconut TruffleCremes are also available in Dilettante’s traditional five and ten-ounce gift boxes and offer even more Toasted Coconut TruffleCremes to share.

There are many things that are being contributed to Toasted Coconut’s early popularity. While there is a novelty to new flavors, people have claimed this TruffleCreme is perhaps one of the most decadent flavors Dilettante has ever made.

For years, Ephemere has been the only flavor to be completely coated in dark chocolate. Other flavors like Blood Orange and Pomegranate used dark chocolate in their formula, but Toasted Coconut is the second flavor to fully feature Dilettante’s signature dark chocolate. While milk chocolate is more popular, dark chocolate adds savory depth most appreciated by chocolate connoisseurs.

This dark chocolate is then paired with the taste of real shredded coconut, giving each bite a slight crunch. The balance of coconut and dark chocolate is perfected in this TruffleCreme. Expect to taste subtle notes of coconut flavor as opposed to a strong, overpowering flavor.

For any who enjoy chocolate, these Toasted Coconut TruffleCremes make for a perfect gift. The deep and rich flavor is made to enjoy next to a cozy fire. To those familiar with Dilettante already, these TruffleCremes can offer a completely new sensation of decadent dark chocolate paired with creamy coconut.

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