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Explore Our Valentine's Day Gift Collection

February may be the shortest calendar month but is also one of the most exciting. February is filled with convenient excuses to express love and appreciation to family, friends, and significant others. During this important time of year, Dilettante Chocolates creates decadent chocolate assortments to delight the loved ones we care for most.

Explore decadent Valentine’s Day gifts with Dilettante’s Valentine's Day Gift Collection. These products are only available for a few short weeks to delight friends and family with a novel chocolate creation. With new assortments of TruffleCremes, hand-dipped chocolates, and heart foils, there is something for everyone this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day TruffleCreme Gift Box

Wrapped in a beautiful red and pink gift box, this TruffleCreme Gift Box is the perfect way to treat a loved one during February. This assortment includes two of Dilettante’s most popular TruffleCreme flavors: Dark Ephemere and Pomegranate. Wrapped in red foils, these TruffleCremes make a vibrant display.

In each box, experience a delicious juxtaposition between rich and smooth dark Ephemere and fruity and sweet Pomegranate. These two decadent flavors are sure to delight a loved one with an appreciation for chocolate.

Hand-Dipped Truffle Assortments

Dilettante revealed its newest hand-dipped truffle assortments only weeks ago, and they have already become a beloved favorite. Placed in elegant silver boxes, these hand-dipped truffles are individually crafted to present gourmet-quality taste.

Choose to delight a loved one this February with four, nine, and sixteen-piece assortments. Whether they enjoy chocolates, caramels, or toffee, there is a chocolate assortment for them.

Ruby Cacao Bing Cherries & Blueberries

Ruby cacao is a special kind of chocolate. The pink color and sour notes of this chocolate are natural and unique to ruby cacao. This Valentine’s Day, give delicious blueberries and Bing cherries from the Pacific Northwest enrobed in delicious ruby cacao.

These two new flavors come packaged in their own special novelty gift boxes. Pull off the sleeve and enjoy a luscious pink chocolate treat, unlike any other. Enjoy each 4.5-ounce gift box with someone close.

Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate hearts are a timeless way to treat someone on Valentine’s Day. These classic treats are packaged in a 7-ounce gift bag and a 5-ounce gift box, both themed around Valentine's Day and ready to give as gifts.

Each foil holds gourmet milk or dark chocolate heart. Made with all-natural ingredients with no preservatives or fillers, these heart chocolates offer a clean chocolate taste. For a traditional and delicious gift this Valentine’s Day, enjoy Dilettante’s chocolate hearts.

Happy Valentine's Day From Dilettante Chocolates

From everyone at Dilettante Chocolate, we would like to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. We understand the importance of giving gifts to the people closest to us. That’s why over the last several months, we have been hard at work creating decadent gifts to give during Valentine’s Day.

To explore Dilettante’s full selection, shop all products or visit the Valentine’s Day Gift Collection for all gifting needs this February. Order before 11 a.m. PDT on February 8th to receive an order before Valentine's Day.

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