What Are Cheetah Beans?

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Marbled Chocolate Espresso Beans

Chocolate-Covered Cheetah Beans are as complex as they look. Natural, caffeinated espresso bean centers are coated in a blend of white, milk, and dark chocolate for a unique treat. The three chocolate blends give each chocolate espresso bean a tan striped pattern, similar to a cheetah’s fur.

The unique look of these espresso beans is achieved through marbling. This process swirls several chocolate blends together. Chocolatiers are careful to make sure the chocolate doesn’t completely mix, creating milk and dark chocolate spots against a white chocolate background.

After the chocolate is adequately swirled together, it cools and maintains its unique appearance. Like the decorative appearance of a marble, this chocolate is made to be a feast for the eyes.

Marbled Chocolate Swirl
Marbled Chocolate Swirl

Dilettante's Cheetah Beans

Dilettante Chocolates coats its own roasted espresso beans in marbled chocolate using specialty revolving kettles. These kettles precisely cover each piece, ensuring no cracks or blemishes in the chocolate shell.

Combining the different chocolate blends also gives marbled chocolate espresso beans a unique flavor profile. Usually, the bitter and acidic taste of the espresso bean center is counterbalanced by its sweet chocolate coating. However, Cheetah Beans offer a more complex chocolate flavor, combining vanilla-like white chocolate with decadent dark chocolate.

Dilettante’s Marbled Chocolate Espresso Beans are made using the highest standard for chocolate quality. Each espresso bean is made without any fillers, oils, compound chocolate, or artificial sweeteners to provide a pure and wholesome chocolate taste.

When it comes to chocolate-covered espresso beans, everyone can find a favorite. Whether a person prefers white, milk, dark, or marbled chocolate, an espresso bean flavor is made to suit their tastes.

Enjoy Cheetah Beans along with Dilettante’s other chocolate espresso bean flavors. Dilettante’s decadent espresso bean assortments are perfect for displaying in candy dishes or giving gifts during holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions.

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